Thursday, June 4, 2009

What is with the Fohawk???

Can anyone please tell my what the fuck is up with the Fohawk????

For those of you who may not know what I am talking about:
The faux hawk (fohawk or faux-hawk) continues to dominate cutting-edge urban hairstyling with a vengeance.It's crazy, it's messy, it requires dangerous amounts of styling product. The glamour of the 1950s pompadour fused with punk, bad-ass, big 1980s hair.A hairstyle in which a strip of hair across the top of the head is longer and higher than the hair on the remainder of the head. A faux hawk is in the styling, not the cut, so there is nothing you need to know about cutting for this.

Why do people think this "Hairstyle" is cool or looks good? It could quite possibly be the gayest hairstyle that I have ever seen...but for some reason it is becoming more and more popular. Maybe because more and more flamers are coming out of the closet thanks to all this "Gay Pride" bullshit.

In my personal opinion, if you don't have big enough balls to sport the REAL "Mohawk" then you shouldn't even try by imitating a "Mohawk" with a "Fohawk".

Now these are some tight MOHAWKS:

If any "Hairstyle" should be popular it should be the infamous "Bowl Cut"

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