Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Big Donkey's Solo Shots

*No Solo Shots yesterday. Sorry to all my fans out there. A loss of time and a 9 hole experience with Dennis Neagle and THE Andy Wellendorf took up most of my day.
*REDS: The boys pulled out a gutty performance last night. Lots of guys came up with big hits. This team sure is going to miss Joey Votto, but they are tough bunch of SOB's and aren't going to give up thats for sure. With Volquez leaving early last night I think you skip his next start, and this would mean we finally see Matt Maloney hopefully. Nick Masset has looked great this season out of the pen and some talk is flying around about him possibly being the next 5th starter. I kinda like where he is right now. We need a setup man since Burton has blown and was sent to AAA and Masset's stuff has been straight nasty. Tonight I expect big things from Bronson. He's been rolling of late and until I see a bad outing I will say he's going to get the win again.
*Yesterday rumors were flying on Kentucky websites that John Wall was going to go play in Greece next year and Xavier Henry was possibly still coming to UK. The next thing we'll hear out of Lexington is that Billy Clyde is taking the flowers of college girls and driving drunk at 3am. Oh wait.................
*For those that care, Phil Mickelson will be back for the US Open in a few weeks. What will be covered more that week.....Phil coming back or Tiger beating Rocco at last years US Open.
*Florida CB Janoris Jenkins was tazed last weekend after fighting a group of people that he accused of trying to steal his chain. Thats exactly what I was trying to tell the Lexington Police officer the night of my bachelor party when he pulled the tazer on me...
"Sir, these guys aren't my friends. I don't even know most of them. They just got me drunk, took me to a titty club, got me kicked out of 3 bars in 45mins, and then tried to steal my gold chain. Don't taze me bro, no no don't taze meeee!!!"
*MTV Movie Awards: Andy Samberg is pretty funny. Other than that this was retarted just like I expected. Megan Fox looked whorendous. Someone needs to force feed that sexy bitch a BigMac and SuperSized fry before she goes out. As for the most talked about event of the evening, Eminem getting a face full of cock. That was the most staged event I've ever seen. It really wasn't even that funny. The one thing I did like was Eminem back on stage performing. It made me really miss those day of pimp leanin' in the 94' Camry with the speakers blarrin' "Would the real slim shady please stand up, please stand up"
*WAGER OF THE DAY (2-7): Since Im hot like a fire cracker and debating on quitting the WAGER OF THE DAY part of the Solo Shots, Im going to get crazy tonight and bet on the ice to cool me off. Take the Penguins over Detroit. 20 bones down, Straight up.

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