Thursday, July 2, 2009

Big Donkey's Solo Shots (4th of July Edition)

1) Ok, so we know its been awhile and the millions and millions of fans out there are wondering what has happened. Well, were not going to lie here at Riverfront. We've been lazy. The blog lost its momentum, but have no fear Big Donkey is here. I'm going to do my best to bring this back.
2)REDS: The Red Legs sent down Jared Burton and he's pissed. I think he has the right to be. He hasn't pitched great but he's been doing his job here for 2 years. They brought up Drew Sutton? Who is Drew Sutton? Apparently we got him in the Jeff Keppinger trade...all I know is he's not Mark DeRosa. Johnny Cueto better be a freakin ALL STAR. This team needs an everyday 3B and CF. Do we have those guys on this team? If not, Walt please make a trade.
3)So UC signed a big time recruit for first time since DeMar Johnson. Lance Stephenson sounds like trouble to me. UK didn't want him, Kansas didn't want him, but Cincinnati does. He'll fit in well in this town. Just like Art Long, Dontonio Wingfeild, Cory "rollingme" Blount, Ruben Patterson, and the rest of the thugs UC has had in the past. With that said. This is a great fit for Mick and UC. They needed a scorer and got one. This team has Sweet 16 potential now and with a depleted Big East they should finish in the top half of the conference.
4)Has anyone been watching Wimbledon. I know its Tennis, but it been pretty entertaining. I usually watch a match or two but tomorrows Andy Roddick vs Andy Murray semifinal is going to be electric. If you don't know the Andy Murray story you should check it out on ESPN. I'm rooting for the American Andy but I like both these guys.
5)NBA Free Agency has started. The Pistons wasted $90+ million yesterday on a ballhog shooting guard and a underrated center.