Monday, June 1, 2009

Mondays.... suck

So the Reds dropped all three games to the Brewers this weekend...and no one is really that surprised? Let's hope that Mr. Votto can clear up whatever is bothering him. Speculation is it's stress it just me or why not give him a bong, weeks supply of weed, Funoins, and tell him to come back and see you in a week? It might not work, but he should at least feel better for one week.

Lebron and the Cavs are out of the Playoffs which sucks, but hats off to the Magic for one heck of a series. Hopefully they can keep it up and knock off the Lakers. I'm not a Kobe fan at all so I'd love to see Magic follow the Celtics lead last year and take the title. If Dwight Howard plays like he did in Game 6 this could be a short series... I'll take the Magic in 6.

Best line of the weekend has to be from the Texas/Boston College (who sucks) NCAA Tournament game. Not only did the game go 25 innings, but check out the line for Texas' starting pitcher he faced 46 batters. Only two got hits. He pitched 13 innings. 169 pitches. Call it a man crush, but those are unreal numbers. Somewhere Matthew McConaughey probably still has a chubby thinking of getting with this dude.

It's DMB week on Fuse TV. Dave Matthews Band is releasing their newest studio album tomorrow when "Big Whiskey and The GrooGrux King" hits stores. I highly, highly recommend it to anyone that likes any music. DMB weeks kicks off tonight with a live concert from NYC, followed by a 4 part documentary with a new 30 minute segment being shown each night.

Going to keep it short today as it's Monday and I'm being so lazy I don't even feel like typing, but take the Dodgers tonight.

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