Friday, May 29, 2009

Friday Finale

After a night with no meaningful baseball games aka the Reds had an off day we hit the first BIG stretch of games this season. Everyone seems to think this will make or break the Reds, but I'm looking more towards the Sept 22-Oct 4 games against the Pirates, Astros, Cards, and Pirates. Call me Rod Tidwell, but SHOW ME THE MONEY cause the Reds are going to be playing meaningful games in September.

Other than Tiger Woods, when he's on, name me one person you'd rather watch than LeBron??? Sure a dance off between blog favorites Julieanne Hough and Erin Andrews would be amazing, but owning the 4th quarter and pushing the series forward is off da chainz.

Happy Birthday to my favorite Red Eric Davis! It's a joke this guy doesn't get more HOF votes. Give me an outfield with Davis manning LF or CF any day and that's a guaranteed winner!

I'm not even sure what to say about his but I'm pretty sure regardless of which team you play for your a dude therefore a prom KING. We tried to swing the vote back in the day, but nothing like this. Big Donkey will agree... long live STEVE FOLTZ!

I'll keep this short as it's almost quitting time, but I'll take a page out of Big Donkey's... take the under on the Braves/D-backs game tonight.

New Template

As you might be able to tell, we have changed our template. For those of you that don't know what that means, we changed the way our blog looks, slightly. We made it a little wider which allows us to put 2 pictures on a line and it doesn't have as much wasted space. Now we're even sweeter than before.

The picture is pointless but my goodness is he a hunk...oh there's a girl there too, yea she's not bad either.


Big Donkey's Solo Shots

*How bout these Lebron and Kobe puppet commercials. These are great and I can only hope that there is an entire other batch of these coming out once Lebron takes care of the Magic and Kobe kills the Nuggets. How bout Lebron last night? Simply awesome. Cavs will win in 7 games.
*REDS: Big 7 game road trip with the Brewers and the Cards starts tonight. I think the Reds will be fine but really need to make sure they come back no worse than 4-3 on this trip. I think thats pretty reasonable.
*Elias Sports has rankings out for Fantasy Players. Joey Votto is the 5th best player on there list. Doesn't mean much, but hopefully he's finally getting some respect that he deserves.
*Anyone watch the Scripts Spelling Bee last night???? Yeah me either. Well I checked out Erin Andrews but once I saw she had clothes on, I was back to the Cavs and Magic. While I was enjoying the game, my fellow blogger Dennis Neagle was an hour and half deep into "Win a Date with Tad Hamilton"
*How bout a Sport Spelling Bee. Its multiple choice guys, did you really think I'd make you spell. I was 5-12. Beat that!!
*Just like the Stanley Cup, does anyone in America watch the French Open? Apparently its going on right now. Who gives a fuck!
*If you want someone to root for this weekend, root for Hunter Mahan at the Coloniel. If this guy wins a tournament before the US OPEN, Big Donkey and Dennis Neagle are looking a couple g's.
*WAGER OF THE DAY (2-6): Hope you made some money off me by betting the opposite. Do it again tonight as I move to the MLB for the first time this season. Reds and Brewers over/under is 8.5runs. I'll take the over. Reds will score 9 by the 3rd inning.

You get to have a "1 Night Stand" with..............JULIANNE HOUGH

The winner of our very first "1 Night Stand" poll was surprisingly Julianne Hough. Julianne recieves a automatic bid into the "Queen of Riverfront Sports" Poll which will take place at the end of the year. Congrats to Julianne!

What's the Deal with the Smart Car?

Have you seen this, have you heard about this?(that's a reference to Jimmy Vollmar from South Park if you didn't know). Anywho, have you seen these pussy ass cars known as the Smart Car? Why in the world would anyone buy one of these? I don't care how good of gas mileage if gets or how good it is for the environment. No one in their right mind would buy one of these bad boys. It's basicaly a suicide purchase. What if you get in a fender bender from the rear, no pun intended you sicko's? If someone nudges you...BOOM, dead. There is no margin for error in this thing. The front seat is the back of the car. Anyone who buys one of these is probably in a horrible marriage or hates their life and basically wants an excuse to die. That's the only reason I see as to someone buying this car. I sure hope no one reading this has this car or their significant other has this car, if so, sorry.

P.S. I'd buy 12 of these cars below.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Big Donkey's Solo Shots

*Erin Andrews was reporting at the Spelling Bee this week and again heard talking to Dancing With the Stars host Peter Bergeron about getting her on the show for next season. If this is true I won't miss an episode. She will be part of our next "1 night stand" poll.

*REDS: SWEEEEP! Jay Bruce smashed out of his slump last night. 3 for 4, 2 homers, and a triple. Ironically it was the same date, May 27th that he smashed into the big leagues last year. Bronson Arroyo continues to surprise me. Now he's 7-3 and leads the NL in wins.

*Ryan Freel was sent to the DL today. If anyone is counting he's been on two teams this year and both organizations have sent him to the DL. The change in scenery hasn't helped poor Ryan like it has Ramon Hernandez.

*Speaking of the Cubs, please tell me you saw Carlos Zambrano blow up yesterday. It was fantastic. He must be taking lessons from Big Lou. Thats what the fuckin Cubs get for spending a minor league salary on a "Gatorade Machine" in the dugout. If it means anything at all, I think Zambrano had a valid complaint.

*In NKY post season HS baseball last night Beechwood might have pulled off the biggest upset in the history 9th Region Championship. The Tigers pulled out a 3-1 win over heavy favored CovCath. CovCath had run ruled Beechwood 10-0 in the district tournament a week before.
*Former UK Basketball coach Billy Clyde Gillispie is suing the Athletic Dept for $6mill. He might or might not be owed this money. I have the slightest clue, but hey Billy....Isn't it time you get the fuck out of town before one of the crazy UK hillbillies put a gun to your head.
*Despite all the bad Calipari publicity the past 24hrs, I got to wondering. If in fact Derek Rose did cheat on the SAT....I want to know how the hell he did it. I worked my ass off on cheating that test and its the only one that actually seems "cheat proof".
*Loserville is losing another recruit it looks like. After already losing big man Jeremy Tyler to Europe a few weeks back, now big man
Justin Martin has re-opened his recruitment.
This bitch is craaaaazy!!! She blew her mans dick off with a Memorial Day display.
*Its been as nice as an "Afternoon Delight" to find out that Ron Burgundy is working on a new
Anchorman 2. Scotch, Scotch, I love Scotch.
*WAGER OF THE DAY(5-2): At this point Im not doing so hot. I would suggest that you bet the exact opposite of what I bet. But then again you'll do that tonight, and tonight will be the night that my luck changes and you'll keep your streak of losing bets alive and then you'll really be pissed at yourself and not me. If that makes sense?? Cleveland is giving -7.5 to Orlando tonight at the mistake by the lake. I think Orlando will cover that but Cavs still win. Take it for what its worth.
*Finally, I give you a great pic of Jessica Biel. We here at Riverfront Sports noticed how votes have increased for the girls in the "1 Night Stand" poll after we post a picture of them. Makes sense I guess. Julianne Hough still leads the vote, but after that steamy picture of Megan Fox yesterday its getting much closer. We will not be posting any sexy pics of Adam Rosales though.

Fiero or Ferrari...I Sure as Hell Can't Tell

If you watch Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory, you know what kind of car this is. For those of you that don't, it's a Pontiac Fiero. This car was Pontiac's attempt at the Ferrari. I think it's pretty sweet and I'm currently in the market for one. Anyway, there is one parked out in our parking lot as we speak right now. I've never seen the owner but he has been described by a co-worker as a huge, fat man with a mullet. Perfect!!! Who else would drive this car? A tall, dark and handsome business man? Hellz nah, business men drive jaguars everyone knows that. Fat men with mullets need to impress people with their material things since they can't do it with their looks. So they buy this car and god damnit it works. I guarantee the dude that drives this car has boinked chicks way out of his league because of the car he drives. Dude's probably laying pipe to some supermodel right now.

What's the Deal with Chris Welsh?

Why am I picking on the reds announcers you ask? Well basically because I think these 2 guys suck and shouldn't be on tv, so they need some ridicule. If you hadn't noticed, Double G's partner shaved his mustache sometime over the offseason. That was the one thing that Welsh had going for him. His stache was the only reason I tuned in during the dog days of summer last year. The reds were lousy and there was no reason to watch other than to see what his stache was up to. He's lucky the reds are good this year or else no one would be watching. His upper lip looks lost right now. I bet his kids can't even recognize him. I wonder if Marge Schott(god rest her soul) had something to do with this. Somewhere she is smiling.


Thursday Thoughts

Is the party over in Lex-vegas? This life long UC fans sure hopes so. All you die-hard UK fans out there can't really be surprised that this is happening to Saint Callaperi are you? Of course the NCAA has already stated Coach Cal isn't being investigated which is about as odd as Tubby finding that fax from Randolph Morris which magically made him eligible again! Any of this happens at UC and quicker than you can say Charles Williams they're banned from post-season play.

Redlegs sweep the Astros! This really shouldn't be big news as Houston is the arguably the worst team in the NL, but since the Astros have been to the Reds what the Dallas Cowboys were the Buffalo Bills in the early 90's this is a big deal. Bronson pitches a complete game and doesn't allow a run after the first. This guy doesn't get enough credit for what he does, and those wanting to trade him I ask who replaces him? We've all seen Homer struggle and no one in AAA has proven anything.

Happy Anniversary to Jay Bruce who celebrated his 1 year anniversary as big leaguer. Here's a thought...why not play everyday like it's May 27th? Might help your Adam Dunn like batting average a bit.

Anyone else sick of Chris Brown? His music has always sucked, but then he decides to go all Ike Turner on us and beats the crap out of a smokin hot chic. Rhianna- if you're reading call me. Take some advice from Keith Sweat cause "Nobody" cares about you and go away.

Where Am I? Anyone know whatever happened to Jacob Brumfield? He supposedly had the tools to be the next Eric Davis, but he never quite got it. He spent a few years with Reds before ending his career with stints with the Pirates and Blue Jays.

Finally, remember back in high school when some genius invented the khaki pants that had zippers around the knees and magically formed khaki shorts? I haven't seen a pair of those since Structure still held a spot in the Florence Mall, but leaving work yesterday I see a grown man wearing them. Not some guy doing the landscaping work or the taxi driver that waits outside everyday cause some guy has too many DUI's, but the guy walking out of the building right in front of me. There are not words that describe how confused I still am. In tribute you to Mr. Khaki-zipper-shorts wearing pants guy I dedicate this blog post.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Big Donkey's Solo Shots

*Usually I have picture above that has something to do with my first "Solo Shot" of the day. There weren't any great sports pictures out there today so I found one of Mrs. Fox. I don't have anything to say about Megan Fox (above) because she leaves me fucking speachless. You can vote for her in our "1 Night Stand" poll if you'd like.
*Happy Freakin' Twenty Fif Birfday to the writer also known as Bo Diaz!
*REDS: Great win last night, finally they got to Oswalt and I think he actually pissed his pants in the 6th. I've never seen him lose control like he did. Joey "Motherlovin" Votto is simply amazing. Bronson is on mound tonight, and Im not sure what the hell to expect. Maybe a 10 runs in the first or he'll throw a 7innings of 1 run ball. And lets give some credit to Dusty. Im not a big fan of Dusty, but this team is playing well and even the bench guys are stepping up. Dusty has done a pretty damn good job this season, so far. Finally, I'm seriously wondering if the GABP attendance will even improve if the Reds are in contention all summer????
*Last night The Cowboy and Thom were promoting Reds fans to get on line and vote on the All Star game. So Im on the computer, click on and guess what.....system error. So I try it this morning and guess what.....system error. Finally it worked this afternoon and I voted for every past and present Red on the ballot, just to fuck with the stupid system of FAN VOTING.
*Cav's continue to dissappoint me. Can't believe Ron Jeremy out coached the Mike Brown last night. Now Orlando leads 3-1 and headed back to Cleveland for game 5. I still pick Lebron to win this series, but Im probably fuckin' crazy.
*Former Holmes basketball and football standout Brandent Englemon was signed by the Edmonton Eskimos CFL team this week. Englemon played 4 years at Michigan as DB.
*If you haven't seen it yet. Check out the SNL song with Justin Timberlake, the follow up to "Dick-In-A-Box". Timberlake is hosting SNL again this Saturday.
*Wager of the Day (2-4): Im not sure what to bet any more in the NBA. Im going to go with the Nuggets to cover the 6pts they are getting in LA tonight.

Welcoming Myself To The Blog

Let me start of by thanking Mr. Neagle and the Big Donkey for allowing me to be part of this blog. Ever since I was a boy I dreamed of writing my thoughts on the only thing that really matters to me (sorry Becky)…sports. I hope the following entertains everyone and proves what I believe to be true…no one knows sports quite like I do. My first entry will detail my belief on the Reds turn around, but soon to come will be a look at ND’s upcoming opponents. Yes, I said upcoming as its 101 days until opening kickoff!

Now…..onto the Redlegs. This year’s success can be attributed to many things: outstanding starting pitching, a strong bullpen, younger players, but to me we can’t downplay the defense up the middle. There are all kinds of phrases describing what wins “Defense wins championships” “There’s no “I” in team” “See the ball; hit the ball” but in baseball it’s the defense up the middle that holds true. Let’s look at some of the recent World Series winners:

2006 Cardinals: C- Yadier Molina; 2B- Aaron Miles; SS- David Eckstein; CF- Jim Edmonds.

Let’s start with the weakest, and this might be surprising, Jim Edmonds. While all Reds fans remember Jim Edmonds robbing millions of base hits by 2006 he was on the down hill slide. His range wasn’t the same, and he wasn’t nearly as healthy with only 105 games played, but he was still a gamer and I know every Reds fan would’ve taken him.
Aaron Miles- while he did commit team high 17 errors his range was above average and he teamed with Ronnie Belliard to form a great duo with David Eckstein. Scott Rolen gets a ton of credit for being a standout fielder, but based on the number of plays made Miles was worth 3.5 worth runs over the season than was Rolen.
David Eckstein- this little dude is slick in the field. He might not be able to ride all The Vortex or The Beast, but he gets the job done in the field. Only 6 errors all season he provided to be the little engine that could for this surprising World Series winner.
Yadier Molina- not really much to say here since his family owns catching. They might not own it, but it’s safe to say the have a monopoly on the catching position. He’s an above average catcher with a great arm that handled a solid pitching staff all year long. Messages to all dads out there; please consult with Papa Molina before encouraging your kids to get behind the plate.

2007 Red Sox: C- Jason Varitek; 2B- Dustin Pedroia; SS- Julio Lugo; CF- Coco Crisp

Again, we’ll start with the weakest, Julio Lugo. Coming into the season Lugo had signed a huge contact (36 mil) so expectations were sky high. Lugo is, better yet was, known as a defensive specialist prior to his time in Boston. He led the team in errors with 19, and also struggled at the plate. His defense came up big when needed though, and he is more the exception than the rule.
Jason Varitek- the grizzly veteran, 35 during this season, helped mold a pitching staff that was downright nasty. He threw out about 25% of his runners which isn’t a blistering pace, but that is based off of only 83 total chances. Varitek is the clubhouse leader this team needed and played a solid C all season long.
Dustin Pedroia- Yes, he won the rookie of the year largely based on his offensive numbers, but he plays a solid 2B as well. A .99 fielding percentage is great; considering it’s the same percentage our main Brandon Phillips had last year. On top of all this is the fact his defense was worth almost 10 runs is outstanding.
Coco Crisp- Every time I hear this guys name I think of one thing: coco pebbles. Going forward it will be associated with that and outstanding defense in CF. Crisp was worth an amazing 25 runs; more than double that of anyone else on his team. Tracking down balls in Fenways huge OF is no easy task, but this guy made it look easy. Also, anyone notice what his current team is doing? It’s no small coincidence the Royals aren’t being the typical Royals this year (we’ll save Greinke discussion for another day).

2008 Phillies: C- Carlos Ruiz/Chris Coste; 2B- Chase Utley; SS- James Rollins; CF- Shane Victorino

While a dynamite offensive player; Chase Utley won’t be winning any gold gloves anytime soon. His 13 errors and .984 fielding percentage aren’t anything to brag about he did play a team high in innings with over 1,400. He also lead all position players (sorry catchers) in put outs.
Carlos Ruiz/Chris Coste- further proof that strong defense up the middle wins titles; we have a true catching platoon. Both guys threw out about 25% of their runners and handled a pitching staff that included a mid-season acquisition of Joe Blanton.
The next two are a toss-up as they’re both dynamite defensive players: Shane “the Flyin Hawaiian” Victorino and Jimmy Rollins. Both guys cover above average ground and both have great arms. Without these guys the Phillies would’ve been hard pressed to bring home the title.

This leads us back to our current Cincinnati Reds. While I may have been calling for Alex Gonzalez’s head a few weeks ago; I realize his contributions at SS are pretty good. He doesn’t have quite the range he did “back in the day” but he’s recovering nicely after being gone a full year.
Ramon Hernandez has been a solid pick-up not only for the pitching staff, but a great fill-in at 1B with Votto being out so much. He started his career as a 3B and this surely influenced his cat like reflexes at first and behind the plate.
While Fast Willie Taveras has been a surprise at the plate no one has said anything about defense… for good reason. He’s been able to cover all kinds of ground and make plays that our awesome combination of Dusty’s daughters’ lover, Jay Bruce, Chris Dickerson, and whomever else we threw out there last year couldn’t make on a regular basis.
Phillips….he’s golden. Nothing else needs to be said as no one in their right mind will question his defense.

I’m not predicting a world championship, but based off our middle defense we have the pieces in place to make a run at the playoffs. Also, big shout out to baseball-reference for all the help with stats.

Future Posts: ND oppenents position break downs
Currently playing on the ipod:Shake Me Like A Monkey by Dave Matthews Band

Humpday Hasbeens

This begins our weekly episode of reliving the past and predicting the future. We will look into the lives of former teammates and opponents. These people were once stud athletes and now, no one knows where they are or what they are doing. Hopefully we can catch you up to speed on these guys and maybe, just maybe, YOU will be mentioned. Here is Hasbeen #1...

Andrew Wellendorf

PAST: Andy was a stud in every sport in high school but was never really noticed by his coaches for some strange reason. He rotated in at WR, he drag bunted every AB, and he rarely got playing time in bball till his senior year. He had a few offers to play some basketball and maybe even a few to play football but he decided to walk on at the College of Mt. St. Joseph. It wasn't until his college days where his coaches realized his studness that his career took off. He began dominating the HCAC from game one where he reeled in 2 TD's. He would go on from there to break just about every MSJ receiving record and scoring record in his career. (We won't mention that he also played a year of basketball but was ineligible halfway through the year.) During his last couple of years of football, professional scouts began to take notice of the tall, white, lanky receiver. Colts and Bengals scouts were seen regularly at his games. He was assured of a first round draft pick but somehow went undrafted. He got an invite to the Bengals rookie camp where he burned our beloved Johnathan Joseph many a time. Still, he got cut. He traveled to New York City to tryout for the Giants but once again was cut. He took as many free clothing items as he could from those camps and his dad still wears them to this day. He tried to play some Arena ball but he was still 6'5 and white.

PRESENT/FUTURE: Currently Andy is working at a sweet job where he puts paper in a machine and waits for it to come out the other end. He has gained about 30 pounds from the picture above and struggles to turn down a sandwich. He will be getting married in less than a month to a lovely woman who got suckered into the marriage. Andy tries to dominate sports like he used but he just doesn't have it anymore, it's quite sad really. I think the future bodes well for Andy and his wife. He just got a membership to Urban Active but has rarely been seen there. Andy plans on retiring at age 36, wasting all his money on golf and then getting another job when that money runs out, his wife loves that idea. We wish you well Andrew.


WWE: World Weiner Eaters

I was minding my own business Monday night. Just channel surfing to try and see what was on, when I came across this.....

The WWE and Denver Nuggets had a scheduling conflict for Monday Night's RAW when the WWE was forced out of the Pepsi Center due to Game 4 of the Nuggets-Lakers series. After publicly skewering Nuggets' owner Stan Kroenke for the mishap, WWE owner Vince McMahon moved the show to The Staples Center in Los Angeles. He also decided to have some fun at the expense of the Nuggets owner by challenging him to a fight. Here are images from a NBA-themed episode of RAW.

In the night's main event, five of WWE's most popular stars -- MVP, John Cena, Kennedy, Jerry Lawler and Batista -- donned Lakers jerseys to take on the Nuggets team.

In the opposite corner stood five of the WWE's least popular performers -- Randy Orton, Big Show, Ted DiBiase, Cody Rhodes and The Miz -- dressed in Denver gear.

Is it just me or do these dudes look like a bunch of flaming homos? Why wear a jersey with no shorts? These guys look like they just spent the night at their boyfriends house and had to borrow their boy toy's clothes. They like to cuddle up in a man's shirt and underwear.

All of these dudes look like they are ready to tune up a "one holed finger flute" or perhaps blow a meat whistle or two....

I have never liked wrestling. Especially now.

Apparently John Coffey was there from the Green Mile.

I think Coffey should woop the shit out of all these nancys.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What's the Deal with George Grande?

Do you ever pay attention during reds games when they occassionally show the tv announcers to fill some air space? If you do, you have noticed this...George Grande wearing a short sleeve button down shirt with a tie. What's the Deal with That? Who does that? Sure its probably a little more breezy than the long sleeve and it shows off his muscular, yet extremely hairy forearms but it makes him look like more of a douche than he already is. The only person that does that is Dwight Schrute from The Office. Dwight can pull it off, Double G cannot. He's probably one of the worst announcers in the MLB and he doesn't have to compound that with being the worst dressed. The only thing worse than this is when an opposing player hits a homerun and he yells "UH OH", or when the Reds make a diving play he yells "HE GOT IT, HE GOT IT". Does it get anymore annoying. He's gotten away with it so far but one of these days The Cowboy is gonna have to call him out on it.

Big Donkey's Solo Shots

*How bout them chicken NUGGETS last night!!! J.R. "Aintnothangbutachickenwang" SMITH (seen above) and company took it straight to "The Black Mamba" last night. Denver scratched, clawed, and tripped (ask Dahntay Jones) there way to a victory and tied the series 2-2. No way there is a team in the history of the NBA that has more tattoos that the Denver Nuggets.
*REDS WEEKEND: Brandon Phillips has a hairline fracture, but he doesn't plan on going to the DL. I'm lovin' what I see from Johnny Gomes so far. What an awful call that was on Sunday involving Rosales that almost cost the Reds the game! We all know that Roy Oswalt is 23-1 vs the Reds in his career. Who freakin' cares? Lets just be sure to go out and rock him tonight. Where are all those people that were upset with the Ramon Hernandez for Ryan Freel trade?
*The UK basketball team has let go of two of there scholarship players from last year. AJ Stewart and Donald Williams will both look to transfer. Stewart has been rumored to transfer to NKU, but nothing official yet. Also, walk-on Landon Slone has decided to leave the team and persue playing elswhere.
*Manhatton College has announced they will sign a one handed 6'10" center. Kevin Laue, was born without a left hand. His new coach at Manhattan is quoted as saying "For all the RIGHT reasons, Kevin deserves this" I hope the coach wasn't trying to be funny with that comment.
*Chane Behanan UPDATE: Cincinnati Enquirer reporter Mike Dyer posted on his blog this morning that Behanan is still expected to be at Aiken next year and is still orally committed to UC. Previous rumors had Behanan headed toward Covington Holmes and Bowling Green HS next year. He's one of the top recruits in the 2011 class.
*ND has addd another Purple Panther from Elder. TE Alex Welch has committed to the Fighting Irish. Welch also had offers from Cincinnati, FSU, Oklahoma, and Michigan.
*Talking to fellow Blogger, Dennis Neagle today about vacation spots. Destin, Florida, Jamaica, and even Las Vegas are some great places to go in th summer. Or like his woman's family you could always leave for Jerusalem today. WTF???
*Hope everyone had a great long weekend. Friday I went to the Riverbend and got to meet George Strait and Julianne Hough. Yes, that Julianne Hough (below). She's a total knockout and I'm at borderline stalker status right now. Vote for her or Adam Rosales in the poll. I also got fried red while mulching on Saturday. Nothing worse than mulching, in my opinion. Hit the links on Monday. Started off with a stellar par, but all went downhill from there. With that said I hit a drive negative 10yrds and did manage to only double bogey the hole. Then the rains came, THANK GOD!

*WAGER OF THE DAY (2-3): Cleveland is giving 1pt to the Magic @ Orlando. Like Mo Williams guarentee, I pick the Cavs and get my record back to .500 on the season.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Big Donkey's Solo Shots (SUNDAY)

*Lebron's shot on Friday night wasn't surprising but it was freaking sick. We will always think of "THE SHOT" when talking about Lebron just like we remember MJ for the last second buzzer beater vs. Cavs in the playoffs. Or his fade away jumper in the finals vs. the Jazz. Or my favorite, the up and under and changing of hands vs the Lakers in the Finals. Lebron James is the greatest player in the world, and someday soon will be the greatest player in the history of the world. "THE SHOT" will be talked about for ages.
*Joey Votto came back and gave the Reds bats some pop on Saturday raising his average to a league leading .371, hopefully now he can just stay healthy.
*Homer Bailey continued his downward spiral to "NeverWasVille" as he gave up 6 runs, 6 walks, in his 4.1innings pitched. After the game he was demoted to Loserville and the Reds recalled inf/c Wilkin Castillo. Now paging Matt Maloney?
*Again last night in the 8th Willy Taveres gets on base to leadoff the inning and Dusty doesn't straight steal him. What the fuck is going on here?
*Rumors of Cowboys lineman Greg Ellis being traded to the Bengals are flying around. The veteran would be nice addition but I kinda like how the defensive line is shaping up already.
*Normally I wouldn't post something this cruel, but since its has to do with a Steelers player then fuck it. Karma is a bitch, for James Harrison. He was too cool last week to attend the Presidential meeting at the White House with his teammates and then this weekend his child was attacked by his pit bull. I guess this was a message from the goverment to not fuck with oBAMA.
*Kansas forward Quintrell Thomas decided to transfer to UNLV where he will join former UK Wildcat Derek Jasper. Looks like the Runnin' Rebels are pulling in some talent recently.
*Rumors were flying about a month ago that 2011 UC Bearcats recruit, Chane Benhan was transfering from Cincinnati Aiken to Holmes High School in Covington. Well that rumor was squashed but now it looks like Benhan is head to Kentucky. Bowling Green, Kentucky that is. Benhan will be moving to Bowling Green HS with his mother. He has verballed to UC but will this move now get UK in the mix??? We shall see!
*WAGER OF THE DAY (2-2): Cleveland is getting 1.5pts in Orlando tonight but Im leaving the points on the table and taking Cleveland straight up. Put $25 down and make a $26 profit. Not to bad.