Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Kim Kardashian Profile

As part of the "1 Night Stand" competition we will issue a profile of each of the contestants the rest of the way out. Our first profile is on Kim Kardashian.
Who is Kim Kardashian? Our answer seems to be "who gives a fuck". Seriously I looked for a decent picture of this slut for about an hour and half today and got nothing. There were a couple that struck me as sexy pics, ass shots of course. Even one with Reggie Bush rubbing his dick in her butt crack. But then it hit me lets go old school. Kim and Ray J days. Thats how she became famous. The rich bitch has a sex tape with Ray J (Moesha's/Brandy's Brother who never made it famous). Now from what I remember this sex tape wasn't too bad. But I don't have link for you, so check it for yourself. Most recently Kim has gotten even more famous due to her fams reality show, Kim sucking at Dancing With the Stars, and now she hopefully making new sex tapes with her NFL Stud RB boyfriend Reggie Bush.

Best AZZet? No brainer here. Kim's ass has made her a killing from day 1. From Ray J pounding the poop shoot to it growing to the size of two large planets. She has a nice face and very good set of tits but her ass has got her where she is today and possibly could take her to the finals of this contest. Vote in the poll for your "1 Night Stand" with Kim Kar if you would like.

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