Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Big Donkey's Solo Shots

*This is about what our headquarters look like here at Riverfront Sports today. Well at least thats what I'm hearing. Big Donkey recieved a phone call at appox. 5:15am that informed me that our offices had been flooded last night. Doesn't sound like we'll be back in the office again this week so operations could be slower than normal.
*REDS: What the hell was Willy Taveres doing last night? If he's hurt he had no business playing in that game last night. He didn't look himself and it may have cost the Reds. Johnny Cueto goes tonight and he's pitched pretty damn well this season. I think he'll pitch another gem tonight but the question seems to be if we can put the runs behind him.
*Prediction: Kobe will go for 50+ in one game the NBA Finals. But he'll only have 5 chances to do it.
*Everyone talks about how the Josh Hamilton for Edinson Volquez trade was fair for both teams. Well it continues to be true as both are put on the 15 Day DL yesterday.
*UC Bearcats signed guard Jaquon Parker from Virginia. This seems like a pretty good get for the Bearcats. I still think they could use a few sharp shooters on this squad. For that to happen Mick is going to have to recruit more white kids.
*How do the Horse Racing expersts expect fringe fans to be attracted to this sport when there are are so many confusing issues. The best horses don't always race. The best jockey's jump from horse to horse. There is no single championship. There are no superstars. With that said....I love this sport and I think the 3 triple crown races are awesome. I understand why the greatest female horse of my generation isn't running this weekend. It makes sense not to risk injury if she's not a long runner. But I think with some organization and some planning Professional Horse Racing could be a sport that many would follow, if the sport made any sense at all.
*WAGER OF THE DAY (3-7): And the streak is over. I think I had lost 6 straight wagers but last night the ice cooled me off. Tonight we must do something that Peter Edward Rose would be proud of. Bet on Baseball. I'll take the over on 7.5 runs in the Reds and Cardinals game.

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