Friday, June 19, 2009

*For those who are wondering, Dennis Neagle is in Vegas this weekend that partially the reason why bloggin has been slow. I recieved a text at 3:45am on Thursday that said "I can't find the Montecito" For those that don't follow, you should get hooked on the hit series Las Vegas now airing reruns on TNT. Or just buy all the seasons on DVD because every episode is can't miss entertainment. Hot chicks everywhere! From Delinda Deline to Sam Marquez this show has the hottest cast ever established. Danny "THE MAN" McCoy just straight laying wood and fighting Casino crime. So while Denny is out in Vegas chillin with the empolyees of hte Montecito, I'm chilling at home watching sports and movies this weeekend. God Im a loser!
*US OPEN: Pretty impressive day by on Friday by Mike Weir. Did that leaderboared really just say David Duval? Is this a rerun from few years back while it must be still raining in NY. I love the US OPEN. Nothing says Golf like watching these guys struggle like I would. How bad is Chris Berman? Bad enough on NFL but Golf is even worse.
REDS: Reds can't hit a lick. We've established that, but now they need to do something about it before it cost us the entire season. Get Drew Stubbs up here, let him give CF a shot. We sure as hell know Willy Taveres isn't the full-time answer. Votto is working out in Sarasota right now. Hopefully getting his shit together. Dennis Neagle said he saw him in the airport on Wednesday and no lie Joey was dressed very queer Neagle relayed to me. We got to get a regurlar everyday 3B in here. And what is going to happen if Ryan Hannigan gets hurt?
*UK: Now that Meeks is gone...who plays SG for the CATS. The guards on this team John Wall, Eric Beldsoe, DeAndre Liggins, Darnell Dodson (hopefully the answer), Jon Hood and maybe Darius Miller.
*I freakin love Megan Fox. Watch this video, this broad can straight bring it.
*Nick Brunker is idiot that is on 1530Homer sometimes. I really can't stand him, but I give him props. This kid straight brings it on his blog everday with the hottest damn chicks I've ever seen. Here is his gallery!
*As for the 1 Night Stand Contest. Look for it to get started again next week for the final round. I think we have decided to award Lisa Guererro the winner last week in the tiebreak, just because there are more hot pics of her on the Web than Erin Andrews. Don't get me wrong though, this site loves us some Erin Andrews. If you got dirty pics of her, send em to us.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

What's the deal with Joey Votto?

Has Joey Votto’s inner ear infection become an inner rear infection?

Rumor has it that there is a new “Queen” in the Queen City. There is much speculation about why Reds slugger Joey Votto is still out of the lineup. Some say that he has a social anxiety disorder; some say his ear infection is still not cured, and some say that he is GAY. What ever the problem may be…it must be fixed soon. The Reds were victorious last night against the Braves after 2 rain delays. But can they get back on the good foot after being swept by the Royals???

The Reds definitely need to get Joey back in the lineup even if he is a “Switch Hitter.”
How come there is no “NEW” news about the Votto epidemic? I haven’t heard any thing official about this situation in weeks. I for one know that there are tons of Reds fans out there wondering what the hell the problem is. Could someone please shed some light on this situation?

If Joey is gay it may help with his slugging…. after all he is good with wood in his hand.
Word on the street is that he was seen “rounding second base” with Jay Bruce.
If Joey is gay, do you think that he will change his position to “Pitcher” or “Catcher?”

Monday, June 15, 2009


We are stuck debating what to do with tie we have had in the 3rd "1 Night Stand" Poll? Any ideas on what we can do to decide the tiebreaker?

*Did you guys watch Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals. Just like the NBA and MLB....NHL Hockey has one major thing that bugs me. Too long of a regular season. I could never follow the entire season but I can watch some of the playoffs, and definetly watch Game 7 of the Stanley Cup. The final 6minutes were as exciting as any major sports final. Good to see the young guns Malkin and Crosby get a title and turn the page of the Wings domination. Those two are the future Jordan and Pippen of the NHL.

*REDS: So Joey Votto is apparenlty missing time because he's gay. Thats the rumor and if thats the case, we need to cut him. I'd rather lose than have a queer playing first base. The Reds apparently did know something we didn't when they drafted Yonder Alonso last year. If he's not gay and is just a whimp I agree with what STAN said on Mo Egger's Blog today..."When is our first baseman going to remove his tampon and help this team?" Nice way to put it STAN! Another thing is Walt Jockety needs to do something, ANYTHING! I don't care if its just getting Sammy Sosa or Barry Bonds or Pete Rose signed to a contract. This team can't hit a lick. They need, not just one more bat but probably 3. Now they got 3 vs the Braves and 3 vs the White Sox this week. If they don't go at least 3-3 this week they are done.

*Whats story are you sick of more on ESPN? Plaxico Burress-Brett Farva-Michael Vick

*Are you watching the College World Series? If not you might be the most underrated sporting event of the year. Im going to root for ASU to win it all because of the Reds drafting Michael Leake. They upset UNC yesterday. Now they play #1 Texas on Tuesday at 7pm. Leake will be on the hill.

*So a few weaks ago we reported on Bryce Harper, the 16yr old baseball phenom from Las Vegas who was on the cover of Sports Illustrated and taking over the world. Now the kid is skipping HS and going to get his GED this summer so he can start playing college ball at the College of Southern Nevada. Thats kinda cool, but I just hope he doesn't turn out to be the next Drew Henson.

*US OPEN WEEK: Who you got the field or Tiger? The Open is back at Bethpage Black. Probably the toughest Public Course in America. After my nine on Sunday I'd guess I'd shoot a 172 at Bethpage.

*So now there are rumors of Shaq being traded to the Cavs to play with Lebron. Someone explain how this is going to help Lebron win a title next year? It should make for some great interviews and TV though.

*Jodie Meeks and Derrick Brown are both staying in the NBA draft. I think both are making a mistake. Jodie is missing out on an opportunity to be on a National Championship contender and get a lot more TV face time next year w/ UK. Derrick got much better, but I believe with 1 more year in at XU he would be guarenteeing himself a first round pick.

*WAGER OF THE DAY:(4-10) Arkansas is very underrated in College Baseball. Take them to defeat LSU straight up.

Congratulations to the WestStars!

Congrats to the Cincinnati WestStars coached by our very own blogger Dennis Neagle!

The WestStars won the Great Smokey Mountain Showdown baseball tournament this weekend in Gatlinburg, Tenn.

Worst Umpire Ever

Many of you might not know that I coach a local 13 year old baseball team. Over the weekend we were in Gatlinburg dominating a tournament. We won the whole damn thing thanks to my brilliant coaching and pitching strategy. That's not the point of this though. During our 2nd game on Saturday we had a 97 year old man behind the plate umpiring. He gave me a pin that had an umpire running on it and it said "I get no respect". That's not the point of this either though. The point is that he sucked as an umpire and made the most ridiculous call you will ever hear of. Here it is. My 9 hole hitter comes to the plate, steps in, calls time and steps out but doesn't get the time called. The pitch is thrown while he is out of the box and the umpire calls 2, yes 2, strikes. 2 strikes, 1 pitch. I go insane much like Sweet Lou would. He says there was one strike for the pitch and another for a delay of game for stepping out. He could not be more wrong, he could try, but he would be unsuccessful. All that should happen is that there is a strike for the pitch because he was not granted time. Fine, strike one. He insists that its in the rulebook and I insisted that he was an old turd. The call stands and the kid strikes out. Luckily, my great coaching overcame this horrible call and we still won the game and the whole damn tournament. I'll be in the bigs in no time, trust me.