Thursday, June 4, 2009

Jenn Sterger Profile

Who is Jenn Sterger you ask? Jenn became an internet phenomenon while doing nothing but cheering on her beloved FSU Seminoles against Miami during a telecast. After Brent Musburger saw the girls and how it seemed they were smuggling midgets under there shirts he commented "1,500 red blooded Americans just decided to apply for Florida State." Since then she has posed for both Maxim and Playboy. She was considered one of E! Entertainments top 20 Hottest Women of the Web. Now she works as a sports show co-host for the NY Jets. Look for Jenn Sterger in her first movie "THE TENANT" airing in 2009. What are the chances that the landlord will be played by Lexington Steele.
Best AZZet? No doubt her fake boobs have made her the star she is today. Jenn is proud to tell everyone that she recieved her fake tits as a present from her parents. As you can see, it was the best present we've ever recieved.

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