Wednesday, August 12, 2009

HBO is DaBomb

Ok so last week I got HBO. Basically the only reason was so I could watch "Hard Knocks". But now I'm in love with this channel. And I would suggest all Guys have this channel.......TODAY!!!

Here are the reason I have so far, for you to order HBO. No particular order.
A) Entourage-As seen above, these guys are classic twenty somethings yearolds, looking to make it big in the city of LA. The best part about the show is the girls. Hot chicks everywhere. I have already fallen in love with Sloan, seen in the yellow. But then you got Vince fucking every girl that he sees. Plus great celebrity appearences like Tom Brady and Jamie Lynn Seigler, you can't go wrong with this show.
B)Hung- A new show. People might think is kinda a gay because of the title. But truthfully this isn't just about this guys COCK. This is a show that would only make it on HBO. Its about a High School basketball coach, who loses his house in a fire. He has no money to rebuild, so he becomes a jigelo to make some extra money. He's known by his ex's for his super large member. Also this show has some remarkable hot babes, and as jigelo he's always banging them. So thats good TV right? His newest customer was last seen as the slutty daughter on "Dirty, Sexy, Money". He was banging her in the bathroom of a restauarant a few episodes a go.
C) The best part of HBO, besides being able to show naked chicks getting rammed is the ON DEMAND. If you have the ON DEMAND feature now with your basic digital cable, you probably don't use it very much. But with HBO on demand you can watch your shows and movies whenever you'd like. Yesterday, while working from Riverfront Headquarters I was getting bored of doing my damn TPS reports and was bored with Sportcenter for the 4th time that morning. So I checked out a series called "The Wire". Im not sure what the whole show is about. It kinda jumps to different angles all the time. From gangbangers, to journalist, to cops, to the mayor, to city council, to families of the cops, to whores, to gangbangers again and more dirty cops. I mean the concept is kinda crazy, but its very interesting and it keeps me entertained. Lots of sex, killing, drugs, and dirty cops. If you like that kinda stuff.
D) Then you got "Hard Knocks". Now Im sure i'll do a little review of that tomorrow after the premier tonight. I don't know about you, but Im excited. This should be some cool stuff for Bengals fans. It might be the best thing thats happened to this team since it made the playoffs.
E) Did I mention, HBO is uncensored. So you get naked girls, crazy sex scenes, and none of this edited language bullshit. Its kinda like our blog on TV.
E) Oh, and there are no god damn commericial with any of this shit.