Friday, July 17, 2009

Greatest Head Cover Ever

How sweet is this head cover. That's Ryo Ishikawa and he's 17 yrs old. He played with Tiger the first 2 days of the British Open which is the only reason he was on tv. I don't know where he got this head cover made but I need one made of me. The more things look like me, the better. I'm 100% jealous.


Road Head

So Wednesday I decided to actually go into work, instead of working from home as usual. I was on my way home at 4:30 in the afternoon. Traffic was pretty heavy and I soon realized I don't miss the 40min drive home at all. But then I saw something fantastic. A young black man, I would say in his early 20's was driving a white camry, old style. Kinda like the one I used to have. That maybe the first reason he caught my attention. Then I noticed a little dog or something on his lap. "Is that a puppy on this thugs lap?" I was thinking. No wait, its girl giving head. Now lets recap this.
Its 4:30 on Wednesday afternoon. We are driving southbound on I-75 at Ezard Charles. He is weaving in and out of traffic, and there is a girl giving him a Bow Job right here next to me. He slowed down and triedto lose me, but I wasn't about to let this end. I had to get a better look. So as we approached the bridge, he got up next to me. I could see this bitch bobbing on his knob so hard it was making me jealous. Im not going to lie, anytime you see someone else getting some road head, you yourself are going to want some too.
Road head has to be one of the greatest inventions in the world. Easily!!! I was thinking to myself later that day how proud I was of this young man. He had his Reds flatbill on, a white tee, windows down, music playing and it was like he didn't even know this bitch was deepthroating his cock. No big deal. He must get that everyday on his way to GABP preparing to play with the bucket boys. All I could do was, give him a thumbs up. Although he didn't see me, Im pretty sure he blew that load all over that bitches face.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Reds 25yr Aniversary Team (THE WORST)

Lance McCallister did this but I wanted to do my own. Here is Lances Team first.
C-Joe Oliver
1B-Sean Casey
2B-Brandon Phillips
SS-Barry Larkin
3B-Chris Sabo
OF-Eric Davis
OF-Dave Parker
OF-Adam Dunn
SP-Tom Browning
CP-John Franco
Manager-Lou Pinella

Now Lance seemed to pick a mix of his favorite guys and the best players. I agree with most although I'd have Jose Rijo as my starter and I'd have Rob Dibble or The Cowboy as my CP. How could he leave Kevin Mitchell out of the outfield, oh and Joey Votto is a better player now that Sean Casey ever was. Big Donkey's picks will be the worst players at each position in the past 25yrs.
C-Corky Miller
1B-Tim Costo
2B-D'Angelo Jiminez
SS-Royce Clayton
3B-Brandon Larson
OF-Chad Matola
OF-Corey Patterson
OF-Wily Mo Pena
SP-Eric Milton
CP-Danny Graves
Manager-Jerry Narron

Big Donkey's Solo Shots

1)BENGALS: So Vegas has set the teams over/under at 6 games. Am I crazy to think this team should easily win 7 or 8? Easily?

Also the Bengals have not come to a long term agreement with Shane Graham (picture above). Im kinda in between on this one. I think Shane is a good guy in the community and a pretty damn good kicker. He's not the kinda of kicker I like. Big footed. But he's got accuracry. I think the 1yr deal is a good idea. Because it give Shane 1 more year to kick for that big contract. If he proves he deserves the long term contract this year, I say give it to him. Just don't let him back at King Island.

What are the 3 positions that concern you the most with the Bengals? I would still say WR is #1 for me, then Center #2 and #3 would be the offensive line. All three have too much young unproven talent.

2)REDS: Whatever the experts are saying, this team isn't dead yet. But they need a great start to the 2nd half. Not an average start. They got 4 games vs. the Brewers and I think the Reds have 4 pitchers (Bailey, Arroyo, Harang, Cueto) that are better than the Brewers. If they can win 3 out 4 this team is on the right track. I would make a couple of changes though. I would bring Drew Stubbs up for Willy Taveres right away. Then I would let Chris Heisley come up also and play replacing Robert Manuel. Let these guy play while they are hot. They both should start 2 games this series together. Rotate Dickerson, Gomes, Nix in with them. See if either of these guys can give this team a spark offensively. Something has to be done, and obviously its not going to be getting Jermaine Dye or Scott Rolen.

3)British OpenToday starts the THE OPEN CHAMPIONSHIP. Here are the guys you should be rooting for so me and Dennis Neagle can win some big money:
Henrik Stenson
Luke Donald
Ross Fisher
Graeme McDowell
Paul Casey
Jim Furyk
Rory McIlroy
Hunter Mahan
Ian Poulter
Darren Clarke
and Tiger if you want to.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My Thoughts on the Future of our Redlegs

There has been much debate on whether the Reds should "buy or sell" near the trade deadline this year. Personnally, I think they should stayput with the squad that they have now. By no means should they trade any of their prospects away. I think they should dangle a few of their veteran pitchers(Arroyo, Harang, Weathers, Rhodes) and see what they can get for them. If the price isn't right, then stick with them.

The Reds are loaded with talent in the minor leagues for the first time since, well, since ever I think. They are loaded with pitchers as well which is why I wouldn't care if they got rid of some the costly veterans this year. I think Homer Bailey has finally arrived and should stick around for a while. We still have Maloney, Darryl Thompson, Justin Lehr and Travis Wood all at the Double A level or above. There are plenty more as well that you are more than welcome to look up here.

Position wise they are also pretty loaded. The OF is stacked with young fellas. Jay Bruce is already up here, Drew Stubbs and Chris Heisey should be up in September. Todd Frazier is playing well in Double A right now and will probably be in Triple A next year. We also have guys already playing for the Reds that are doing a decent job(Gomes, Nix, Dickerson). Basically, I'm not worried about the OF.

The infield is what I'm semi-worried about, except first base of course. What I'm particularly worried about is shortstop. If we could get a quality young SS in a trade for one of the pitchers I already mentioned above, then I'd love it. They have Chris Valaika at Triple A but he is hitting .231 right now. I think he could be the future SS but he better pick it up hitting wise. Juan Francisco could be the future 3B but he is still young and not ready. He also seems to throw the ball away as much as EE and I'm not ready to see more of that crap.

Let's be honest, this team isn't gonna win anything this year. I realize that we have been saying "wait til next year" for about 15 years now but this time I actually might believe it. The talent in our farm system has to be one of the tops in the league and the future is actually bright. I think trading away prospects now for a Scott Rolen would do more harm than good. But, what the hell do I know. They will probably trade 8 guys for Roy Halladay later this afternoon. Nah, I'm just kidding, I'm a genius and this is what Jocketty should do. In fact, he should probably hire me to do the day to day operations to ensure the Reds dominate in the future.