Friday, October 2, 2009


Absolutely nothing better than this.

Monday, September 28, 2009

WHO "are" Dey?

Who "mother fuckin" Dey!!! So this is what it feels like to be a fan of a real professional football team! I don't know what it is about this team, but I've said since the day of the draft, "I love this team". I love the make up up this team. I love the grit, the fight, and the speed they have. Marvin said it right, they are a bunch of castaways that are just out to prove themselves. And just because the Bengals are Back, the Blog is Back. Well its back as long as they don't lose to the Browns this week. Here are some things I took away from this game and team.

1) Im not sure I can name the entire offensive line, but I love em. In my opinion they deserved the gameball yesterday. Carson had plenty of time in the final drive. They are opening up huge holes for Cedric Benson. Evertime I look up, he's knocking off 9yrd carries. And they have limited the penalties

2)I think Carson was late for the game yesterday and they let Jordan start in his spot. Because that wasn't the same quarterback in the 2nd half that I saw in the first half. After watching Carson in the first 2 qtrs, I was actually thinking about how JT O'Sullivan could look much worse. How many times did Carson throw the ball over the recievers head in the 1st half? In words of Keyshawn Johnson on Monday Night Countdown.....C'mon Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!!

3)How bout my boy ReyRey Maluaga? USC guys just get shit done. He was pronounced dead on the field and carted off. I was just waiting to hear the injury report that said he was done for the season like every other 2nd round pick we draft. Then a camera spots him running back out of the locker room like Superman. How can you not love that guy, even if you do like Notre Dame.

4)Domata Peko is turning into one of the best DT in the league. And Pat Sims isn't far behind him. Ok that might be a stretch, but they are very good.

5) As much as I love this team, I'd still like to know what has happened to these guys who are MIA.....or maybe I'm just missing them:
Bernard Scott (arrested again??), Chris Henry (sharing cell 35646 w/ Bernard Scott??) Tank Johnson (still putting together his daughters bunk beds???), Brian Leonard (thought he did get cut, until that last drive), Tom Nelson (taking another carriage ride in the city), Jerome Simpson (2yrs in the NFL, 1 career catch for 2yrds), Chase???Chase???Chase???Chase??? Coffman?.

6)Even though the fake punt didn't lead to any points. I think it let the Steelers know that we weren't fucking around and it got them a little razzled. Big Turning point of the game.

7) As much as I don't want to think about the "Immaculate Deflection" against Denver, I can't stop thinking that this team should be 3-0 heading to Cleveland. FUUUUUCK!!!!

8)Coles looked much better, but he needs to tuck the damn ball in when he makes a catch. He was scaring me to death.

9)As pumped up and energized as I was in the 2nd half, I was the exact opposite in the first half. And most of that was due to the play calling. Who didn't know that when Caldwell didn't take that opening kickoff to the house, we still weren't going to score?

10)Best news of the day. Not waking up and seeing someone on this team was arrested last night for excessive celebration with a 16yr old crack head hooker!!!! YAY!!

11) Apparently the BenGals made an appearance in MAXIM this week. So I take a look and no shit this girl used to by my buddies girlfriend. Its her first year a BenGal. For those who don't know him, he hasn't killed himself yet for letting this get away......

But is on suicide watch!