Thursday, June 11, 2009

Reds vs Nationals Rain Delay

Ok so if you didn't watch last nights game you missed it. The Reds had a 2-0 lead with a runner on first in the bottom of the 9th and then the rain came. Everyone in the ball park, at home watching on TV pretty much thought this game was over. When the game came back on more than 2hours later the Nats did the improbably and tied the game 2-2.

It was obvious that the crowd had dwindled some. From the normal 2,000 the Nats have in attendance to about 25 people left in the stadium. But of the 25 there were some stunning cunts right behind first base that the camera man made sure we got a good look at every chance he could. The girl in the white had some huge knockers and just couldn't keep that top up. She was pulling on it ever time they showed her. Below is the text conversation between Big Donkey and Dennis Neagle thoughout the midnight hour.

BIG DONKEY: (11:55pm) What the fuck happened? Extra innings Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck!!
DENNIS NEAGLE: (11:56pm) Fuckin Cordero chick in white tube top behind first base dugout though
BIG DONKEY: (11:57pm) There is five people still there
DENNIS NEAGLE: (11:59pm) She's one of them and shes got some bombs
DENNIS NEAGLE: (12:06am) Did you see the chick?
BIG DONKEY: (12:07) Yeah! The other one is hot as hell too. If we leave now we can make it by the start of the 15th inning.
DENNIS NEAGLE: (12:09)Im in u gotta pick me up though
BIG DONKEY: (12:14) If this was a home game I'd definetly go down
DENNIS NEAGLE: (12:15) Just to see her titties bouncin? Me too
BIG DONKEY: (12:17am) The girl in the pink is smokin hot too. There is like four hot bitches.
DENNIS NEAGLE: (12:18am) Lets go to a Nats game sometime
runner on first 1 out BIG DONKEY: (12:20) How bout a fucking hit and run Dusty!
1st n 3rd, no outs Red run themselves into a double play and get no runs
BIG DONKEY: (12:41) I'll tell you what, I was a better baserunner when I was 7 than these guys.
DENNIS NEAGLE: (12:42) Wasn't watching what happened
BIG DONKEY: (12:44) Bruce didn't run home on grounder and rundown at 2nd base, must have been looking at the girl in the whites titties.
BIG DONKEY: (12.51) They are so fucking lucky, I'm out!

Melissa Theuriau Profile

Who is Melissa Theuriau? Im not really sure who the hell she is. She pretty much the underdog of the entire tournament. She's a French news reporter and was dubbed Maxims Hottest News Anchor. She looks hot, but we dont' have much to work with. There are some nudies on the web but we can't post those here. I think the problem here is this bitch is French. What needs to be done is get her ass to America and get her on a show like Summer Sanders had or put her on E! or something. Maybe she could replace that dumb brunette co-host on Dancing With The Stars.
Best Azzet? Its hard to tell because we don't have a lot of pics to work with. From what I can tell I'm going with her face. I mean this woman is gorgeous. Straight up gorgeous. But you know what? In this poll that won't get you jack shit.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Big Donkey's Solo Shots

*Miss California, Carrie Prejean was fired by her boss Donald Trump this week. She's been running around talking about how she hates gays and crap if you don't know who she is. The Donald was stated as saying she hadn't lived up to her Miss California duties and thats why "YOUR FIRED". What exactly does that mean Don? She hadn't blown you yet? She hadn't made an appearance on the Apprentice? Or was it because not enough topless pictures had been found from her teenage years yet (you can find those by searchering her images on GOOGLE). This girl could have went down as possibly the greatest pageant girl of our time if she would just have either posed for Penthouse or had a sextape with a USC quarterback.
*REDS: Cueto has been special this year. I thought last year when I saw this kid for the first time that he was going to have a better career than Edinson Volquez or Homer Bailey. Not that I know anything about pitching at all, but I love the way this guy competes. He's 6-3 so far this season but that record doesn't do him justice. He's got a 2.33era and if he keeps it up should be an ALL-STAR. Speaking of ALL-STARS, which Reds really do deserve to make the trip to St. Louis for the mid summer classic. I'd say no doubt with the way Cordero has pitched he is the first choice. Then I'd go with Brandon Phillips, and Johnny Cueto. If Votto had been healthy he'd be a no brainer. In the end the Redlegs will probably only send 2 guys though.
*Good win last night, not impressive but a good win on the road. But you can't leave 14 men on base. It will bite you in the ass eventually. Oh wait, it already has.
*The Reds took RHP Mike Leake from Arizona St in the first round yesterday of the MLB Draft. I like the pick. I think outside of the #1 pick, S.Strausburg, ASU's Leake is college baseballs next best pitcher. To have a 16-1 record this year in the PAC-10 is impressive. His career record is 40-6, he's started 45 games in his career, and he's got a career ERA of 2.81. I like going the college route after getting burnt by guys like Homer Bailey, Jeremy Sowers and Chris Gruler.
*For those that dont' know, Im a big USC TROJAN fan. Mostly my love comes from the football dominance since Carson Palmers senior year, my hatred towards the Green Irish, and especially because of the Song Girls. I was never a Tim Floyd fan though. I never liked him at Iowa St, I hated him with Bulls, and I knew something was funny when I saw him sitting courtside a few years ago at US Bank Arena watching OJ Mayo and Billy Walker vs. Ty Lawson and Oak Hill. Now I hate him more. If he just would have taken that damn Arizona job, Sean Miller would be taking the Xmen to the Elite 8 again and possibly the Final 4 next year.
*Rumors are flyin' that Matt Pilgrim and Kevin Galloway will not be back at UK next year. That will open up 2 more scholarships for the CATS.
*The Knicks are looking at drafting Steph Curry for an odd reason. Not because of his talents, but because he's become a close friend to Lebron James????Hmmm? Not a bad tactic I guess, if your desperate, and the Knicks are very desperate.
*So the Penguins push a Game 7 in the Stanley Cup Finals. Back to Hockeytown though. I predict that Pitts will win in Detroit on Friday. NHL game 7's on HD are sweet!
*WAGER OF THE Day (4-9): Reds vs Nationals. Over/Under is 9runs. I'll take the over.

What's the Deal with Daytime TV?

Is it just me or is there absolutely nothing on tv during the day? No, it's not just me, can't be. You can either watch Sportscenter 11 times or watch soaps. Either way, I'd rather stick pencils in my eyeballs. How about putting some re-runs of some sweet old shows on like Perfect Strangers, Fresh Prince, or hell I'd even watch the Smurfs. I'd kill to see cousin Larry and Balki back on the boob tube disturbing the peace. I've been working from home for over a week now and each and everyday I want to slit my throat. There's only so much a man can take. I'm bored out of my damn skull. I'm thinking about starting my own channel of all sweet shows all the time. Does anyone know how to do that? Ah, screw it, I'll just keep complaining, it's a lot easier that way.

Lisa Guerrero Profile

Who is Lisa Guerrero you ask? She first graced us with her presence on Best Damn Sports Show Period. But really she began her career as a Los Angeles Rams cheerleader. Now married to former MLB pitcher Scott Erickson she hasn't been seen often since she starred and covered Playboy magazine.
Best Azzet? No doubt its that great rack. Besides that who doesn't love to see a smokin' hot latino senorita naked??? For the nudies you'll have to look them up yourself.

Let's Fold the Washington Nationals!

Anyone else up for starting a campaign to fold this horrible, horrible franchise?

I'm sure I'm not the first person to think of this idea, but follow me for a minute:
1. They have decent players, but a horrible team: If we took the Nationals current roster and all of their minor leagues and included them in the draft it's not like everyone would be passed up. Ryan Zimmerman would look great at 3B for the Reds for the next 10 years (side note I struck his ass out in an AAU game when I was 15 or 16). The Big Donkey has put up solid numbers this year, Nick Johnson is the subject of trade rumors, and a few other players would certainly find big league jobs.
2. Leatherpants scandal: If you trust someone that wears leather pants and rides around in a customized scooter to basically build your franchise from the ground up you know you suck. It's like watching the youtube video of the fat kid falling out of the roller coaster... Hello Kid you're fat and shouldn't be doing this in the first place; you have to expect people to laugh at you.
3. Stephen Strasburg: Hypothetically if there was no Washington Nationals then the Mariners would've picked this guy #1 overall. Is it not a better world to think of this guy and Felix Hernandez leading the Mariners? Seriously this kid looks like the "next big thing" but my money is on him to flame out with the Nationals. He'll win a few games next year, hurt his arm before the season is over and the Nationals will again struggle to win 50 games.

I've never been a fan of Bud Selig, but if he announced today that he was folding this team at the end of the year I'd forgive him for screwing up everything he's done so far.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Jillian Barberie Profile

Who is Jillian Barberie you ask? Primarily she works on Fox Sports as the NFL pregame weather girl, but Barberie great looks have landed her with some acting jobs. She's appeared on "Melrose Place", "Yes, Dear", the big reality hit "Skating with the Stars", and most recently you can see her on commercials with Mike Golic and Dan Marino selling NutriSystem. Gillian really isn't that famous but just smoking hot. She still goes by Barberie, which is the name she took after wedding former MLB player Brent Barberie.
Best Azzet? She has a rock hard body. Overall she's smoking hot but I give the award to the abs. Look at her stomach. Is there any doubt she loves letting smuchs like us recieve body shots off that masterpeice?

Monday, June 8, 2009

Big Donkey's Solo Shots

*REDS:Yesterday was the 2nd game this year thats really pissed me off. Both have been the marathon games, first vs San Diego then vs the Cubs. Yester was worse because we actually had a great opportunity to gain ground. Mike Lincoln is awful. I was happy they resigned him but why do you sign him to a 2yr contract. Was the market for Lincoln really that big? Also, how bout somebody step up and get a big hit yesterday. I think we had guys in scoring position 5times after the 8th. If nothing is working at all at the plate, then maybe Dusty should get a little risky and try a squeez play or something different. No was going to hit a walk off home run yesterday. Dennis Neagle and I were talking the other day. Anyone for trading for Alex Rios of the Blue Jays? He's off to a bad start but possibly a good cleanup hitter with power.
*Nothing I hate more than hearing and seeing all those Cubs fans at our ball park. But what can I do besides get my ass to more games.
*MLB Draft is Tuesday at 6pm. Look for the Reds to take one of these four LHP prospects.
Tyler Matzek a HS pitcher from CA, Matt Purke a HS pitcher from TX, James Paxton from Kentucky, or Mike Mimor from Vandy.
*How bout Tiger Woods yall! That shot he had on the 18th yesterday was unreal. I think he might be back. US OPEN week next week. Who do you got? Tiger or the Field?
*NBA FINALS: Just got even less interesting if thats possible. Sounds like Stan Van Gundy is blaming Courtney Lee from the interview I heard on ESPN this morning for missing that shot. I mean the guy did only 0.6sec left and the pass wasn't that great and he was under the backboard when he tried to lay it in. "Master of Panic" needs to take the blame for not stopping Paul Gasol and Lamar Odem.
*Nice article about Luke Maile of CovCath who should get drafted tommorrow and the MLB draft process.
*Wager of the Day: I'm subbing in Dennis Neagles golf league tonight. Last week I beat him by 1 stroke. It was quite lucky if you ask me. I think for a normal match on 9 holes I probably should be getting 2 strokes. I'll say beat him again tonight straight up.

Erin Andrews Profile

So who is Erin Andrews you ask? Well, Erin attended the University of Florida and was a member of the Gators basketball dance team. She then received her degree in communications(same as me by the way) and began doing some reporting for the Tampa Bay Lightning and then working for TBS and all the Atlanta teams. She currently works for ESPN and sluts herself around on tv for all of us to drool over. I think she's been rumored to be boinking everyone she interviews.

Best Azzet? For me, it's probably everytime she holds that microphone close to her mouth. For others, it might be her smokin' hot body and irressitable interviewing skills. Either way she excites me.



Today we start round 3 of the "1 Night Stand" poll. Riverfront Sports has decided to have 4 rounds of the "1 Night Stand" poll. The first round was won by Julianne Hough, the second round last week was won by Kim Kardashian's azz.
Each day we will feature a profile and picture of 1 member of the current poll, just incase you readers don't know who the lovely ladies are. After the 4 rounds we will have 1 wildcard particpant and and then a final vote.
The final vote between the 4 champions and the wildcard winner will determine who is the First Lady of Riverfront Sports 2009.
Here are this weeks contestants:
Erin Andrews
Jillian Barberie
Lisa Guerrero
Melissa Theuriau
Ines Sainz

You get to have a "1 Night Stand" with........Kim Kardashian

The winner of the second "1 Night Stand" poll was Kim Kardashian. Kim recieves a automatic bid into the "Queen of Riverfront Sports" Poll which will take place at the end of the year. Congrats to KK!

Later today we will anounce the 3rd round contestants of the "1 Night Stand" poll. For the first time we will be settling into a subject. Hot Sportscasters!!1

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Am I a Human Magic 8 Ball?

Does anyone remember the statline I predicted for Matt Maloney's debut? Well, here is it and here are his actual numbers:
My prediction: -- 7 IP-- 2 ER-- 4 K's-- 1 BB
Actual numbers: -- 6 IP-- 2 ER-- 4 K's-- 1 BB

Pretty damn good aren't I? I also predicted that he would have a basehit and guess what, the bastard came through for me with a single up the middle. He should have stayed in there for that extra inning too so that's not my fault. There's only one feasible explanation for this: my brain was replaced with a magic 8 ball when I was a small child. How else could I predict things this closely. Here's my next prediction: I'm awesome....Boom, nailed it again. I'll be predicting lottery numbers later in the week so keep reading the damn blog.