Friday, May 29, 2009

Big Donkey's Solo Shots

*How bout these Lebron and Kobe puppet commercials. These are great and I can only hope that there is an entire other batch of these coming out once Lebron takes care of the Magic and Kobe kills the Nuggets. How bout Lebron last night? Simply awesome. Cavs will win in 7 games.
*REDS: Big 7 game road trip with the Brewers and the Cards starts tonight. I think the Reds will be fine but really need to make sure they come back no worse than 4-3 on this trip. I think thats pretty reasonable.
*Elias Sports has rankings out for Fantasy Players. Joey Votto is the 5th best player on there list. Doesn't mean much, but hopefully he's finally getting some respect that he deserves.
*Anyone watch the Scripts Spelling Bee last night???? Yeah me either. Well I checked out Erin Andrews but once I saw she had clothes on, I was back to the Cavs and Magic. While I was enjoying the game, my fellow blogger Dennis Neagle was an hour and half deep into "Win a Date with Tad Hamilton"
*How bout a Sport Spelling Bee. Its multiple choice guys, did you really think I'd make you spell. I was 5-12. Beat that!!
*Just like the Stanley Cup, does anyone in America watch the French Open? Apparently its going on right now. Who gives a fuck!
*If you want someone to root for this weekend, root for Hunter Mahan at the Coloniel. If this guy wins a tournament before the US OPEN, Big Donkey and Dennis Neagle are looking a couple g's.
*WAGER OF THE DAY (2-6): Hope you made some money off me by betting the opposite. Do it again tonight as I move to the MLB for the first time this season. Reds and Brewers over/under is 8.5runs. I'll take the over. Reds will score 9 by the 3rd inning.

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