Thursday, May 28, 2009

What's the Deal with Chris Welsh?

Why am I picking on the reds announcers you ask? Well basically because I think these 2 guys suck and shouldn't be on tv, so they need some ridicule. If you hadn't noticed, Double G's partner shaved his mustache sometime over the offseason. That was the one thing that Welsh had going for him. His stache was the only reason I tuned in during the dog days of summer last year. The reds were lousy and there was no reason to watch other than to see what his stache was up to. He's lucky the reds are good this year or else no one would be watching. His upper lip looks lost right now. I bet his kids can't even recognize him. I wonder if Marge Schott(god rest her soul) had something to do with this. Somewhere she is smiling.


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