Thursday, May 28, 2009

Thursday Thoughts

Is the party over in Lex-vegas? This life long UC fans sure hopes so. All you die-hard UK fans out there can't really be surprised that this is happening to Saint Callaperi are you? Of course the NCAA has already stated Coach Cal isn't being investigated which is about as odd as Tubby finding that fax from Randolph Morris which magically made him eligible again! Any of this happens at UC and quicker than you can say Charles Williams they're banned from post-season play.

Redlegs sweep the Astros! This really shouldn't be big news as Houston is the arguably the worst team in the NL, but since the Astros have been to the Reds what the Dallas Cowboys were the Buffalo Bills in the early 90's this is a big deal. Bronson pitches a complete game and doesn't allow a run after the first. This guy doesn't get enough credit for what he does, and those wanting to trade him I ask who replaces him? We've all seen Homer struggle and no one in AAA has proven anything.

Happy Anniversary to Jay Bruce who celebrated his 1 year anniversary as big leaguer. Here's a thought...why not play everyday like it's May 27th? Might help your Adam Dunn like batting average a bit.

Anyone else sick of Chris Brown? His music has always sucked, but then he decides to go all Ike Turner on us and beats the crap out of a smokin hot chic. Rhianna- if you're reading call me. Take some advice from Keith Sweat cause "Nobody" cares about you and go away.

Where Am I? Anyone know whatever happened to Jacob Brumfield? He supposedly had the tools to be the next Eric Davis, but he never quite got it. He spent a few years with Reds before ending his career with stints with the Pirates and Blue Jays.

Finally, remember back in high school when some genius invented the khaki pants that had zippers around the knees and magically formed khaki shorts? I haven't seen a pair of those since Structure still held a spot in the Florence Mall, but leaving work yesterday I see a grown man wearing them. Not some guy doing the landscaping work or the taxi driver that waits outside everyday cause some guy has too many DUI's, but the guy walking out of the building right in front of me. There are not words that describe how confused I still am. In tribute you to Mr. Khaki-zipper-shorts wearing pants guy I dedicate this blog post.

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  1. Great post Jacob!

    Quick question though......

    Did you hear that Keith Sweat died yesterday?
    Yeah they found his head but..........