Thursday, May 28, 2009

Big Donkey's Solo Shots

*Erin Andrews was reporting at the Spelling Bee this week and again heard talking to Dancing With the Stars host Peter Bergeron about getting her on the show for next season. If this is true I won't miss an episode. She will be part of our next "1 night stand" poll.

*REDS: SWEEEEP! Jay Bruce smashed out of his slump last night. 3 for 4, 2 homers, and a triple. Ironically it was the same date, May 27th that he smashed into the big leagues last year. Bronson Arroyo continues to surprise me. Now he's 7-3 and leads the NL in wins.

*Ryan Freel was sent to the DL today. If anyone is counting he's been on two teams this year and both organizations have sent him to the DL. The change in scenery hasn't helped poor Ryan like it has Ramon Hernandez.

*Speaking of the Cubs, please tell me you saw Carlos Zambrano blow up yesterday. It was fantastic. He must be taking lessons from Big Lou. Thats what the fuckin Cubs get for spending a minor league salary on a "Gatorade Machine" in the dugout. If it means anything at all, I think Zambrano had a valid complaint.

*In NKY post season HS baseball last night Beechwood might have pulled off the biggest upset in the history 9th Region Championship. The Tigers pulled out a 3-1 win over heavy favored CovCath. CovCath had run ruled Beechwood 10-0 in the district tournament a week before.
*Former UK Basketball coach Billy Clyde Gillispie is suing the Athletic Dept for $6mill. He might or might not be owed this money. I have the slightest clue, but hey Billy....Isn't it time you get the fuck out of town before one of the crazy UK hillbillies put a gun to your head.
*Despite all the bad Calipari publicity the past 24hrs, I got to wondering. If in fact Derek Rose did cheat on the SAT....I want to know how the hell he did it. I worked my ass off on cheating that test and its the only one that actually seems "cheat proof".
*Loserville is losing another recruit it looks like. After already losing big man Jeremy Tyler to Europe a few weeks back, now big man
Justin Martin has re-opened his recruitment.
This bitch is craaaaazy!!! She blew her mans dick off with a Memorial Day display.
*Its been as nice as an "Afternoon Delight" to find out that Ron Burgundy is working on a new
Anchorman 2. Scotch, Scotch, I love Scotch.
*WAGER OF THE DAY(5-2): At this point Im not doing so hot. I would suggest that you bet the exact opposite of what I bet. But then again you'll do that tonight, and tonight will be the night that my luck changes and you'll keep your streak of losing bets alive and then you'll really be pissed at yourself and not me. If that makes sense?? Cleveland is giving -7.5 to Orlando tonight at the mistake by the lake. I think Orlando will cover that but Cavs still win. Take it for what its worth.
*Finally, I give you a great pic of Jessica Biel. We here at Riverfront Sports noticed how votes have increased for the girls in the "1 Night Stand" poll after we post a picture of them. Makes sense I guess. Julianne Hough still leads the vote, but after that steamy picture of Megan Fox yesterday its getting much closer. We will not be posting any sexy pics of Adam Rosales though.

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