Friday, May 29, 2009

What's the Deal with the Smart Car?

Have you seen this, have you heard about this?(that's a reference to Jimmy Vollmar from South Park if you didn't know). Anywho, have you seen these pussy ass cars known as the Smart Car? Why in the world would anyone buy one of these? I don't care how good of gas mileage if gets or how good it is for the environment. No one in their right mind would buy one of these bad boys. It's basicaly a suicide purchase. What if you get in a fender bender from the rear, no pun intended you sicko's? If someone nudges you...BOOM, dead. There is no margin for error in this thing. The front seat is the back of the car. Anyone who buys one of these is probably in a horrible marriage or hates their life and basically wants an excuse to die. That's the only reason I see as to someone buying this car. I sure hope no one reading this has this car or their significant other has this car, if so, sorry.

P.S. I'd buy 12 of these cars below.

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