Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Big Donkey's Solo Shots

*Usually I have picture above that has something to do with my first "Solo Shot" of the day. There weren't any great sports pictures out there today so I found one of Mrs. Fox. I don't have anything to say about Megan Fox (above) because she leaves me fucking speachless. You can vote for her in our "1 Night Stand" poll if you'd like.
*Happy Freakin' Twenty Fif Birfday to the writer also known as Bo Diaz!
*REDS: Great win last night, finally they got to Oswalt and I think he actually pissed his pants in the 6th. I've never seen him lose control like he did. Joey "Motherlovin" Votto is simply amazing. Bronson is on mound tonight, and Im not sure what the hell to expect. Maybe a 10 runs in the first or he'll throw a 7innings of 1 run ball. And lets give some credit to Dusty. Im not a big fan of Dusty, but this team is playing well and even the bench guys are stepping up. Dusty has done a pretty damn good job this season, so far. Finally, I'm seriously wondering if the GABP attendance will even improve if the Reds are in contention all summer????
*Last night The Cowboy and Thom were promoting Reds fans to get on line and vote on the All Star game. So Im on the computer, click on and guess what.....system error. So I try it this morning and guess what.....system error. Finally it worked this afternoon and I voted for every past and present Red on the ballot, just to fuck with the stupid system of FAN VOTING.
*Cav's continue to dissappoint me. Can't believe Ron Jeremy out coached the Mike Brown last night. Now Orlando leads 3-1 and headed back to Cleveland for game 5. I still pick Lebron to win this series, but Im probably fuckin' crazy.
*Former Holmes basketball and football standout Brandent Englemon was signed by the Edmonton Eskimos CFL team this week. Englemon played 4 years at Michigan as DB.
*If you haven't seen it yet. Check out the SNL song with Justin Timberlake, the follow up to "Dick-In-A-Box". Timberlake is hosting SNL again this Saturday.
*Wager of the Day (2-4): Im not sure what to bet any more in the NBA. Im going to go with the Nuggets to cover the 6pts they are getting in LA tonight.

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