Wednesday, May 27, 2009

WWE: World Weiner Eaters

I was minding my own business Monday night. Just channel surfing to try and see what was on, when I came across this.....

The WWE and Denver Nuggets had a scheduling conflict for Monday Night's RAW when the WWE was forced out of the Pepsi Center due to Game 4 of the Nuggets-Lakers series. After publicly skewering Nuggets' owner Stan Kroenke for the mishap, WWE owner Vince McMahon moved the show to The Staples Center in Los Angeles. He also decided to have some fun at the expense of the Nuggets owner by challenging him to a fight. Here are images from a NBA-themed episode of RAW.

In the night's main event, five of WWE's most popular stars -- MVP, John Cena, Kennedy, Jerry Lawler and Batista -- donned Lakers jerseys to take on the Nuggets team.

In the opposite corner stood five of the WWE's least popular performers -- Randy Orton, Big Show, Ted DiBiase, Cody Rhodes and The Miz -- dressed in Denver gear.

Is it just me or do these dudes look like a bunch of flaming homos? Why wear a jersey with no shorts? These guys look like they just spent the night at their boyfriends house and had to borrow their boy toy's clothes. They like to cuddle up in a man's shirt and underwear.

All of these dudes look like they are ready to tune up a "one holed finger flute" or perhaps blow a meat whistle or two....

I have never liked wrestling. Especially now.

Apparently John Coffey was there from the Green Mile.

I think Coffey should woop the shit out of all these nancys.

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