Sunday, June 7, 2009

Am I a Human Magic 8 Ball?

Does anyone remember the statline I predicted for Matt Maloney's debut? Well, here is it and here are his actual numbers:
My prediction: -- 7 IP-- 2 ER-- 4 K's-- 1 BB
Actual numbers: -- 6 IP-- 2 ER-- 4 K's-- 1 BB

Pretty damn good aren't I? I also predicted that he would have a basehit and guess what, the bastard came through for me with a single up the middle. He should have stayed in there for that extra inning too so that's not my fault. There's only one feasible explanation for this: my brain was replaced with a magic 8 ball when I was a small child. How else could I predict things this closely. Here's my next prediction: I'm awesome....Boom, nailed it again. I'll be predicting lottery numbers later in the week so keep reading the damn blog.


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