Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Jillian Barberie Profile

Who is Jillian Barberie you ask? Primarily she works on Fox Sports as the NFL pregame weather girl, but Barberie great looks have landed her with some acting jobs. She's appeared on "Melrose Place", "Yes, Dear", the big reality hit "Skating with the Stars", and most recently you can see her on commercials with Mike Golic and Dan Marino selling NutriSystem. Gillian really isn't that famous but just smoking hot. She still goes by Barberie, which is the name she took after wedding former MLB player Brent Barberie.
Best Azzet? She has a rock hard body. Overall she's smoking hot but I give the award to the abs. Look at her stomach. Is there any doubt she loves letting smuchs like us recieve body shots off that masterpeice?

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