Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Big Donkey's Solo Shots

*Miss California, Carrie Prejean was fired by her boss Donald Trump this week. She's been running around talking about how she hates gays and crap if you don't know who she is. The Donald was stated as saying she hadn't lived up to her Miss California duties and thats why "YOUR FIRED". What exactly does that mean Don? She hadn't blown you yet? She hadn't made an appearance on the Apprentice? Or was it because not enough topless pictures had been found from her teenage years yet (you can find those by searchering her images on GOOGLE). This girl could have went down as possibly the greatest pageant girl of our time if she would just have either posed for Penthouse or had a sextape with a USC quarterback.
*REDS: Cueto has been special this year. I thought last year when I saw this kid for the first time that he was going to have a better career than Edinson Volquez or Homer Bailey. Not that I know anything about pitching at all, but I love the way this guy competes. He's 6-3 so far this season but that record doesn't do him justice. He's got a 2.33era and if he keeps it up should be an ALL-STAR. Speaking of ALL-STARS, which Reds really do deserve to make the trip to St. Louis for the mid summer classic. I'd say no doubt with the way Cordero has pitched he is the first choice. Then I'd go with Brandon Phillips, and Johnny Cueto. If Votto had been healthy he'd be a no brainer. In the end the Redlegs will probably only send 2 guys though.
*Good win last night, not impressive but a good win on the road. But you can't leave 14 men on base. It will bite you in the ass eventually. Oh wait, it already has.
*The Reds took RHP Mike Leake from Arizona St in the first round yesterday of the MLB Draft. I like the pick. I think outside of the #1 pick, S.Strausburg, ASU's Leake is college baseballs next best pitcher. To have a 16-1 record this year in the PAC-10 is impressive. His career record is 40-6, he's started 45 games in his career, and he's got a career ERA of 2.81. I like going the college route after getting burnt by guys like Homer Bailey, Jeremy Sowers and Chris Gruler.
*For those that dont' know, Im a big USC TROJAN fan. Mostly my love comes from the football dominance since Carson Palmers senior year, my hatred towards the Green Irish, and especially because of the Song Girls. I was never a Tim Floyd fan though. I never liked him at Iowa St, I hated him with Bulls, and I knew something was funny when I saw him sitting courtside a few years ago at US Bank Arena watching OJ Mayo and Billy Walker vs. Ty Lawson and Oak Hill. Now I hate him more. If he just would have taken that damn Arizona job, Sean Miller would be taking the Xmen to the Elite 8 again and possibly the Final 4 next year.
*Rumors are flyin' that Matt Pilgrim and Kevin Galloway will not be back at UK next year. That will open up 2 more scholarships for the CATS.
*The Knicks are looking at drafting Steph Curry for an odd reason. Not because of his talents, but because he's become a close friend to Lebron James????Hmmm? Not a bad tactic I guess, if your desperate, and the Knicks are very desperate.
*So the Penguins push a Game 7 in the Stanley Cup Finals. Back to Hockeytown though. I predict that Pitts will win in Detroit on Friday. NHL game 7's on HD are sweet!
*WAGER OF THE Day (4-9): Reds vs Nationals. Over/Under is 9runs. I'll take the over.

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