Thursday, June 11, 2009

Melissa Theuriau Profile

Who is Melissa Theuriau? Im not really sure who the hell she is. She pretty much the underdog of the entire tournament. She's a French news reporter and was dubbed Maxims Hottest News Anchor. She looks hot, but we dont' have much to work with. There are some nudies on the web but we can't post those here. I think the problem here is this bitch is French. What needs to be done is get her ass to America and get her on a show like Summer Sanders had or put her on E! or something. Maybe she could replace that dumb brunette co-host on Dancing With The Stars.
Best Azzet? Its hard to tell because we don't have a lot of pics to work with. From what I can tell I'm going with her face. I mean this woman is gorgeous. Straight up gorgeous. But you know what? In this poll that won't get you jack shit.

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