Monday, June 8, 2009

Big Donkey's Solo Shots

*REDS:Yesterday was the 2nd game this year thats really pissed me off. Both have been the marathon games, first vs San Diego then vs the Cubs. Yester was worse because we actually had a great opportunity to gain ground. Mike Lincoln is awful. I was happy they resigned him but why do you sign him to a 2yr contract. Was the market for Lincoln really that big? Also, how bout somebody step up and get a big hit yesterday. I think we had guys in scoring position 5times after the 8th. If nothing is working at all at the plate, then maybe Dusty should get a little risky and try a squeez play or something different. No was going to hit a walk off home run yesterday. Dennis Neagle and I were talking the other day. Anyone for trading for Alex Rios of the Blue Jays? He's off to a bad start but possibly a good cleanup hitter with power.
*Nothing I hate more than hearing and seeing all those Cubs fans at our ball park. But what can I do besides get my ass to more games.
*MLB Draft is Tuesday at 6pm. Look for the Reds to take one of these four LHP prospects.
Tyler Matzek a HS pitcher from CA, Matt Purke a HS pitcher from TX, James Paxton from Kentucky, or Mike Mimor from Vandy.
*How bout Tiger Woods yall! That shot he had on the 18th yesterday was unreal. I think he might be back. US OPEN week next week. Who do you got? Tiger or the Field?
*NBA FINALS: Just got even less interesting if thats possible. Sounds like Stan Van Gundy is blaming Courtney Lee from the interview I heard on ESPN this morning for missing that shot. I mean the guy did only 0.6sec left and the pass wasn't that great and he was under the backboard when he tried to lay it in. "Master of Panic" needs to take the blame for not stopping Paul Gasol and Lamar Odem.
*Nice article about Luke Maile of CovCath who should get drafted tommorrow and the MLB draft process.
*Wager of the Day: I'm subbing in Dennis Neagles golf league tonight. Last week I beat him by 1 stroke. It was quite lucky if you ask me. I think for a normal match on 9 holes I probably should be getting 2 strokes. I'll say beat him again tonight straight up.

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