Thursday, June 11, 2009

Reds vs Nationals Rain Delay

Ok so if you didn't watch last nights game you missed it. The Reds had a 2-0 lead with a runner on first in the bottom of the 9th and then the rain came. Everyone in the ball park, at home watching on TV pretty much thought this game was over. When the game came back on more than 2hours later the Nats did the improbably and tied the game 2-2.

It was obvious that the crowd had dwindled some. From the normal 2,000 the Nats have in attendance to about 25 people left in the stadium. But of the 25 there were some stunning cunts right behind first base that the camera man made sure we got a good look at every chance he could. The girl in the white had some huge knockers and just couldn't keep that top up. She was pulling on it ever time they showed her. Below is the text conversation between Big Donkey and Dennis Neagle thoughout the midnight hour.

BIG DONKEY: (11:55pm) What the fuck happened? Extra innings Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck!!
DENNIS NEAGLE: (11:56pm) Fuckin Cordero chick in white tube top behind first base dugout though
BIG DONKEY: (11:57pm) There is five people still there
DENNIS NEAGLE: (11:59pm) She's one of them and shes got some bombs
DENNIS NEAGLE: (12:06am) Did you see the chick?
BIG DONKEY: (12:07) Yeah! The other one is hot as hell too. If we leave now we can make it by the start of the 15th inning.
DENNIS NEAGLE: (12:09)Im in u gotta pick me up though
BIG DONKEY: (12:14) If this was a home game I'd definetly go down
DENNIS NEAGLE: (12:15) Just to see her titties bouncin? Me too
BIG DONKEY: (12:17am) The girl in the pink is smokin hot too. There is like four hot bitches.
DENNIS NEAGLE: (12:18am) Lets go to a Nats game sometime
runner on first 1 out BIG DONKEY: (12:20) How bout a fucking hit and run Dusty!
1st n 3rd, no outs Red run themselves into a double play and get no runs
BIG DONKEY: (12:41) I'll tell you what, I was a better baserunner when I was 7 than these guys.
DENNIS NEAGLE: (12:42) Wasn't watching what happened
BIG DONKEY: (12:44) Bruce didn't run home on grounder and rundown at 2nd base, must have been looking at the girl in the whites titties.
BIG DONKEY: (12.51) They are so fucking lucky, I'm out!

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