Friday, May 22, 2009

UC 4 LIFE!!!

I'd like to clear some things up for our many, many readers out there. There have been a few posts stating some UK information, none of them are from me. Why? Because I fucking hate UK, almost as much as I hate UL, it's real close. You will never hear a positive word out of me concerning UK. I'm a UC guy, always have, always will. They will be back in basketball and have already arrived in football. I think they have a couple of national championships in cheerleading as well which is sweet as balls. In no way do I endorse my fellow posters on this blog when they talk UK. I hate it but they bitched and moaned till I decided they could do it, not that I own the blog or anything. Lexington isn't on the riverfront, it's 70 miles away, doesn't make sense to me. I just wanted to clear that up so you guys didn't think I was a pussy ass UK fan.


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  1. If UK can be a topic of discussion on this blog, then Ohio State should be as well. OSU easily has more national championships than UC, and since you are counting cheerleading, then I'm counting rioting and car flipping, two sports where OSU knows no equal.
    And also, Terrelle Pryor makes me all tingly.