Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Reds Crew Vs. Ben-Gals

Who is a hotter group of women? The Reds Crew or Ben-Gals?

Many people wonder why there are Cheerleaders at a MLB game. Although not to bad to look at I do think that they need to sexify their uniforms. I mean come on. These women are attractive but why put them in some "Not so revealing clothing." Doesn't that defeat the whole purpose of putting women on top of the Dugout with bazooka-like T-shirt guns?

I feel that the Bazooka T-shirt gun is tight. But it would be even better if it was held by a woman in a bikini....or something that showed more skin.
The Ben-gals on the other hand have some pretty good uniforms, but I am not sure that their uniforms give them the upper hand when compared to the Reds Crew. Lets face it, we like to look at the Ben-gals with their woman parts hanging and jubbling around but if the Reds Crew has simliar uniforms would they be in the same hottness bracket???
That for you to decide??? Please comment with your opinion...

1 comment:

  1. I would say that I have to give the nod to the reds girls I think that the bengals girls atleast the three on the right have jay leno esque chins, but thats just based on these two pictures in order to get a full accurate opinon I am probably going to have to see 3 shots of each, I hope I didn't overthink that and my boredom doesn't come across to strong PEACE