Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Big Donkey's Solo Shots

* NBA lottery was last night. The Clippers will get to draft the freak known as Blake Griffin. Is there any bigger of a joke than the NBA Lottery? Ping Pong balls with NBA logos, C'mon Maaaaaan!
*Since Lebron and Kobe will be facing off in the NBA Finals in just a few weeks. Many newspapers and sports people are blowing there loads early with "Lebron or Kobe" talk. Personally I'd take Lebron over anyone but Michael right now. But that could change down the road.
*I used to like the Stanley Cup as a kid. Usually paid attention to the NHL Playoffs. Can you even name the final 4 teams playing in NHL right now??? No, Walters the Cyclones aren't one of them.
*Does anyone know when Michael Vick gets out of prison? Vick or Farve?
*Yesterday I mentioned Jay Johnson back in NKY with the Florence Freedom. Today I learn the Freedom open their season this morning at 11:05. WTF?
*Dusty Baker's daughter must love to bang ball players that hit under .180 why else would Darnell McDonald still be on this team?
*Why the hell don't the Reds just put Votto on the DL for 15 days until they can figure out whats wrong?
*Now that UK has John Wall, the best available recruit seems to be Mr. Thuglife himself Lance Stephenson. Seems like he's either headed to Memphis or Arizona at this point. Good luck Sean Miller.
*Bengals first pick Andre Smith worked out at RT yesterday. He's still agentless which would leave me to believe he will be a guarentee hold out until about Week 2 of the regular season.
*Quiz of the week. Can you name the team that drafted these guys? Yours truely got 10/15.
*Wager of the Day(1-0): Take the Cavs giving 8.5pts at home. They still will cover in a game 1 blowout.

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