Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Big Donkey's Solo Shots

* For some reason this Tony Kornheiser story is a big deal?? I don't really think so but here's my take. Tony is great on PTI, used to be even better on his radio show, but he was awful on MNF the past 3yrs. Gruden has to be better than Kornheiser or Dennis Miller
* UK has been all over the news today. With the signing of John Wall and the anouncement that Bledsoe is now making the grade and will be eligble. Next comes the thoughts of who is going to be asked to leave. The roster is at 17 with Meeks coming back (seems more and more likely) and they will need to cut 4 spots. Most likely it will be 4 of these 5. Liggins, Harrelson, D. Williams, AJ Stewart, and Matt Pilgrim. Personally I'd like to see Pilgrim and Harrelson stay.
*Jay Johnson is back in town and playing for the Florence Freedom. I think this guy struck me out 8 times in 8 AB's back in High School.
*Think it might be time to bring up Johnny Gomes from AAA and send down Chris Dickerson or McDonald. Gomes is hitting .280 and smacking the ball all over Louisville the past few weeks.
*Ryan Wagner retired. Yes the same Ryan Wagner that was the Reds closer of the future. He was 26. Nice draft Leatherpants. These guys were drafted after Wagner in 2003, the Reds could have drafted them. Brian Anderson, Connor Jackson, Chad Cordero, Brandon Wood, Chad Billingsly, Carlos Quentin, Jarrod Saltalamachia, Adam Jones, Andre Either, Ryan Garko.
*Brewers reliever Mike DeFelice is confusing the heck out of hitters with his "slowball" also known as the "cottonball".
*Lakers vs Nuggets tonight in conf finals. If you know me you know I think the NBA is fixed anyways and there is no way it won't be Lebron vs. Kobe in the finals. With that said, I think the Nuggest will win this game 1 in LA. Look for a 7gm series.
*Has anyone seen the new TV show, Southland. A new cop show based in the streets of LA. Last week was great with the rookie cop getting some action fron the home invasion victim after she was just too scared to stay by herself. Check it out.....Thursdays at 10pm on NBC.

WAGER OF THE DAY: Denver getting 6.5pts in LA. Take Chauncy Bil Bil Bil Billups and the Nugs to cover!!!

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