Thursday, May 21, 2009

Big Donkey's Solo Shots

*Lets get the sappy stuff out of the way. Two sad stories in the sports world yesterday. Amy Mickelson (above) was diagnosed with breast cancer. Phil has decided to take some time off from the Golf world and be with his family. Your a good man Phil and doing the right thing, hope everything goes well for them. Also former Reds pitcher, Scott Schoenweis's wife was found dead in there home. What makes it worse was Scott's 14yr old daughter made the 911 call after finding her Wednesday.
*Chad hasn't reported to "voluntary" mini-camp this week. Imagine that! But now Carson is calling him out on Sirius Radio. Who really cares? I just hope Carson doesn't expect Chad too, because we know Chad doesn't give to shits.
*Notre Dame is looking into playing a game at Yankee Stadium against Army. Hey Mark, if the Irish lose to Army at Yankee stadium is it a bigger deal than losing to Army at South Bend???
*Votto has missed all this time for an ear infection. Are you shitting me? Either they got this diagnosis wrong or as this is making him sound like a big puss.
*Harang looked good Wednesday, BPhill is rippin' it, but Darnell "Ronald" McDonald was 0-3 again last night with 3 K's. As we speak Reds are getting smashed 11-5. Welcome to reality Reds Fans.
*Like the Chris Welch and Bronson Arroyo song says "Together Again" are linebackers Rey Rey Maluaga and Keith Rivers. This had been a wish of mine since last years draft when we got Rivers. My rule of thumb for the NFL draft is always take a USC guy. It just makes too much sense.
*NKU has signed a 6'6" forward from St. Xavier HS. Eric Stenger averaged 17.6ppg and 7.8rbs as a senior for St. X.
*On a side note, the Vipers basketball team will be competing in the Final 4 of the Western Hills Sports Mall Thursday Night League tonight. I say competing but I really meant to say celebrating our undefeated season with a league championship. Total domination from day 1. Thanks to all guys who made this season so special.
*Wager of the Day (1-1): So I didn't have winner last night. Would have never picked the Magic to win that game in Cleveland. But I guess thats why Im not a good gambler. Today wager also will involve the NBA. Put $20 on the moneyline and the Nuggets to win straight up. The series will head to Denver tied 1-1.

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