Thursday, July 16, 2009

Reds 25yr Aniversary Team (THE WORST)

Lance McCallister did this but I wanted to do my own. Here is Lances Team first.
C-Joe Oliver
1B-Sean Casey
2B-Brandon Phillips
SS-Barry Larkin
3B-Chris Sabo
OF-Eric Davis
OF-Dave Parker
OF-Adam Dunn
SP-Tom Browning
CP-John Franco
Manager-Lou Pinella

Now Lance seemed to pick a mix of his favorite guys and the best players. I agree with most although I'd have Jose Rijo as my starter and I'd have Rob Dibble or The Cowboy as my CP. How could he leave Kevin Mitchell out of the outfield, oh and Joey Votto is a better player now that Sean Casey ever was. Big Donkey's picks will be the worst players at each position in the past 25yrs.
C-Corky Miller
1B-Tim Costo
2B-D'Angelo Jiminez
SS-Royce Clayton
3B-Brandon Larson
OF-Chad Matola
OF-Corey Patterson
OF-Wily Mo Pena
SP-Eric Milton
CP-Danny Graves
Manager-Jerry Narron

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