Wednesday, June 17, 2009

What's the deal with Joey Votto?

Has Joey Votto’s inner ear infection become an inner rear infection?

Rumor has it that there is a new “Queen” in the Queen City. There is much speculation about why Reds slugger Joey Votto is still out of the lineup. Some say that he has a social anxiety disorder; some say his ear infection is still not cured, and some say that he is GAY. What ever the problem may be…it must be fixed soon. The Reds were victorious last night against the Braves after 2 rain delays. But can they get back on the good foot after being swept by the Royals???

The Reds definitely need to get Joey back in the lineup even if he is a “Switch Hitter.”
How come there is no “NEW” news about the Votto epidemic? I haven’t heard any thing official about this situation in weeks. I for one know that there are tons of Reds fans out there wondering what the hell the problem is. Could someone please shed some light on this situation?

If Joey is gay it may help with his slugging…. after all he is good with wood in his hand.
Word on the street is that he was seen “rounding second base” with Jay Bruce.
If Joey is gay, do you think that he will change his position to “Pitcher” or “Catcher?”

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