Friday, August 7, 2009

Big Donkey's Solo Shots

1) Don't go mistaken me for a Florida Gator fan because of this blog today, because Im not. When it comes to college football I follow UK, UC, and USC. I don't even like Florida at all. But I love me some Tim Tebow. This guy might just be the greatest college football player of all time. He does it all. He's a runner, a passer, a scorer. If you put him at linebacker, he'd lead the team in tackles. No doubt. Rankings have Florida at #1 again this year to start the season, and I really don't see anyone beating Tebow this year as he gets his 2nd Hiesman and 3rd National Title.
2) The next Gator I want to talk about today is Erin Andrews. What the fuck happend to her? Did someone post a nude video or pictures of her or something? The bitch has fallen off the planet. Just kiddin, I know about the nude video. If you haven't seen it by now, sorry about ur luck. But seriously, ever since the story broke EA has just disappeared. Is she even still alive? I she posing for Playboy or what? Come college football time, we need her rockin' those sidelines.

3)Real quick on the Reds, cuz there not worth the time. Is it too difficult to try Brandon Phillips at SS. I mean, it might not work. But we will never know if you don't give it shot. Im not for it or against it. But I think with the way this team is playing, I'd try anyone anywhere.
4)Rod Woodson, Bruce Smith, and Derrick Thomas all make the Hall of Fame this weekend. Woodson was probably the greatest all around corner I've ever seen. He could hit, pick you off, and cover anyone. In my opinion he was a better corner than Deion. Bruce Smith was the Reggie White of my generation. He was a quarterbacks nightmare. And Derrick Thomas was the same way. This guy might have ended his career as the best LB of his time. He died tragically in a auto-accident. I remember him once having 7 sacks in one game. The best Chief of all time.
5)What the hell is going on with Andre Smith? He was the 6th pick. The 5th pick has signed for 47million and the 7th pick has signed for 38million. How hard is it to meet in the middle. And if you going to say, well one was a Quarterback and one was a WR??? Well, OL Jason Smith has also signed with the 2nd pick for $54million. Quit fuckin' around and get this guy in camp.

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