Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Your Free World Series Preview

That's Cole Hamels' wife and Kate Hudson, the woman that Gay-rod is covering up his homosexuality with for the media. Hopefully they get into a catfight during one of the games and start ripping some clothes off. Anywho, my prediction is Philly in 6. Split in NY, Philly wins 2 of 3 in Philly and win it in game 6 in NY. The flying Hawaiian Shane Victorino will be the MVP. Gay-rod goes 1-13 with one sac fly and Kate Hudson leaves him for Matt Stairs who hits 2 huge bombs in NY. Yankees lose and Steinbrenner immediately throws 3o mill at Matt Holliday, tries to steal Chase Utley from the Phils and trades the entire Yankee farm system for Drew Stubbs. I laugh and the rest of the Yankee world freaks out. I don't even like the Phils, I just morbidly hate the Yankees. GO PHILLIES!!!!!!!!!!!

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