Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Yankees Love Men

I'd do just about anything for the Phillies to beat the piss out of the Yankees in the world series. I hate the Yankees guts. I hate Gay-Rod(pretty funny huh, I'll let you use it with your friends if you want), I hate Jeter, I hate Matsui, I kinda like Nick Swisher but hate that he wears a Yankees uniform. Does Gay-Rod have to walk around like he's got Jeter's dick up his ass? Yes, he's the best player in baseball but he's also the biggest faggot. Congratulations, your finally hitting in the postseason and somewhat earning that 8 bajillion dollars you get. I hope you choke in the world series and Kate Hudson leaves you for Chase Utley. I also hope she gets a boob job because she'd be the hottest woman in the world then. In closing, fuck you Yankees and Go PHILLIES!!!!!!!!

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