Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Reds BLOW!!!!

Like I said a couple weeks ago, the Reds are not going to win this year. I personnally think they are 2 years away from being good. But right now, they are not very good. I love them to death but they make me want to puke watching them play, especially the dodgers. Their pitching has gone down the shitter, their hitting is clearly horrible and their fielding is brutal as well. They have about 5 Triple A players on this team and 3 of them start on a consistent basis. Let the fire sale begin. I'd bet about 16 bucks right now that Arroyo is gone. His last 3 starts have been pretty damn good including a complete game shutout of the Mets. I just hope they get some sort of shortstop in the deal because I can't watch Jerry Hairston Jr. much longer. At the very least this should open up some cap room to do some wheelin and dealin in the offseason. I wouldn't doubt if Arthur Rhodes is gone as well. Someone has to want him because he is nails in middle relief and they should get someone decent in return as well. There could be some others but I doubt it. No one wants Harang, who would want Weathers and Cordero makes too much damn money.

I'm gonna keep watching the Reds but damn do they frustrate the shit out of me. Here's to hoping that someone drills a hole in George Grande's hotel room and videotapes him ironing his short sleeve button down shirt in the nude.


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